First Fairisle

Bloody bank holiday Mondays! Love them, obviously as it means an extra day off work, but bloody hell, they do mess your week up! This is the reason we’re looking at #bowtiewednesday instead of the expected #bowtietuesday, which the rest of the entire world (and maybe beyond, who knows) knows and loves! 

So having prepared myself for ‘bow tie Tuesday’, I suddenly became acutely aware that it wasn’t Tuesday at all, but Wednesday! because Monday was like an extra Sunday, and Tuesday automatically became fake Monday by default. Poor ‘Tuesday after bank holiday Monday’, so misunderstood! 

I very nearly stood on this little fella on my way to work today! I hate that knowing ‘crunch’ so it’s lucky I saw him slithering his way to the snail factory, or wherever it is he works. We had a selfie together before going our separate ways. He wasn’t too talkative so I didn’t give him a business card. He had some cool stripes though. Props. 

I’m loving my new bow tie and lapel pin, both from Southern Gents, please take a look at the product review I did for them and don’t forget that 10% discount to That Dapper Chap readers!  I was so excited to receive the Pegasus lapel pin and I’ll explain why. One of the best dreams I ever had was of me ‘The Black Knight’ riding my Pegasus ‘Valinor’ through the clouds. Swooping and climbing, the wind whipping up my black cape. That was such a cool dream!  Marvel fans will know! 

Anyone who has followed me for a while will know of my love for fairisle, and I couldn’t resist the opportunity offered by a cool morning to drag this vintage knitted waistcoat out of hibernation! There are so many more of it’s brethren to wake up over the coming weeks! All snoozing gently between the fragranced drawer liners, waiting for those first leaves to turn before the get to be seen again by the world (and beyond, who knows!). So watch this space!

Leather kilted tassel loafers: Monk

Mis matched socks: Oybo

Chinos: Next

Shirt: H&M 

Fairisle waistcoat: vintage from eBay

Blazer: Topman

Bow Tie: Southern Gents

Lapel Pin: Southern Gents

Pocket Square: Gavin Pierre Medford

Bag: leather briefcase, bought in Tunisia


Cardigan time

After sleeping with the bedroom window open last night I woke to a pretty chilly bedroom and pulled up the duvet while I drank my coffee and happily let the cat curl up on me for added warmth. 

So, keeping with a summer floral shirt I pulled out an oversize burgundy cardigan as I knew I’d need it for my walk to work.

Throwing a couple of chicken pitta breads and an apple into my vintage leather case, I grabbed my phone and off I went. The chill was a bit of a shock! After such a warm few weeks I’m not used to it but at least I can start to think about my autumn wardrobe!

Purple leather brogues: ASOS

striped socks: Topman

Burgundy cords: Next

Floral shirt: Primark

Belt: Burton Menswear

Bow Tie: vintage via Etsy

Cardigan: H&M 

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Watch Strap: hand made, hand dyed leather by BWeiss Leather

Briefcase: Vintage

Flower pin: handmade

Calm camo

If you’ve been following my blog or have taken a look at the ‘popular posts’ section you’ll know that these trousers have caused a bit of controversy in the past! That was the first time I had worn them and they have been neatly folded away in a draw ever since that day and I decided that it was time that they saw the light of day again. To hell with the haters!

This time I teamed them up with a plain white shirt, some tan leather brogues and a wool waistcoat which all go to keep the look smart.  To accessorise I added some bracelet and my trusty Timex with a camo strap.  I also opted for camo socks, I’m still not sure if that was a mistake. I’m not too concerned that it was too much but I was running late and just couldn’t choose a pair! 

I’m pleased to day that I received no derogatory remarks as I did last time. No shouts from mindless bigoted yobs and no negativity in general. Maybe because people knew what a debacle it was last time and didn’t want  a repeat or to compound my tendency not to wear these trousers. Maybe they just slated me behind my back, who knows. Either way who cares! I like them.


Brogues: Burton Menswear

Socks: Foot Cardigan

Trousers: EBay online stor

Waistcoat: H&M

Shirt: H&M

Bag: RochaJohnRocha at Debenhams

Watch: Timex Weekender 

Bracelets: bought and home made