Rock On

What is That Dapper Chap wearing a non dapper look? A dapper look this is not and I’ll tell you why. A few days ago somebody mentioned my waistcoats and bow ties and commented that they wondered what I’d look like with a rocky look, much to the amusement of others around us. Challenge accepted I thought!!

This T-shirt is one I’ve owned for a while. A few years ago I wasn’t so well groomed or as dapper as I appear now. I wore ripped jeans, scruffy converse, a rock t-shirts and a leather jacket. The ripped jeans have long gone, as has the leather jacket but I still like these type of T-shirts and do throw one one on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

The jeans are a skinny fit black stretch denim which I will wear with a shirt, waistcoat and a tie, maybe with a pair of black brogue boots but today was way too hot for anything other than an old well washed t-shirt and some worn in Chucks.

Shoes: Converse

Jeans: Primark

T-Shirt: H&M 

Watch: Timex Weekender

Bracelets: various

Sunglasses: Burton Menswear

Belt: DKNY

Briefcase: vacation purchase