Hommage Shaving Products

Craig shows us a great shaving kit from Hommage for Christmas 2017

If we can make the daily routine of shaving a little more luxurious and a more enjoyable experience with a few great products, I think we should do it. It is said that the average man will spend 900 hours shaving between the ages of 15 and 75. Imagine what 900 hours of shaving with poor products and a bad razor is going to do to your skin, let alone your resolve!

Welcome therefore to Hommage, a gentleman’s emporium which has provided luxury shaving items and skincare for us humble gents for over a decade. With a range of kits to choose from and the offer of a bi-monthly subscription service it seems they’ve thought of everything. No truer is this than in the packaging, as that alone is a wonderful experience and rivals any other product packaging that I’ve seen before. Each item is individually boxed and has a separate compartment in a dual gift box which is coupled using magnetic fastenings.

For this sponsored post I want to show you what’s inside my Hommage shaving kit. Above I’m using the shaving oil which is a pre shave treatment to soften the bristles of the beard to make shaving less of a ‘drag’. The oil smells great and absorbs very easily.

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The Mankind GQ Grooming Box

Mankind teams up with GQ magazine to offer a huge selection of big brand products for Christmas 2017 at a huge discount

If you’re familiar with my blog you’ll know that I’m a fan of Mankind and the grooming boxes that they create for us. They are always good value for money but this latest offering, blows past boxes out of the water. Teaming up with none other than GQ Magazine they are offering a box of 12 full sized big name products worth £400 for a measly £100! Not only that but when you buy your box you also get an offer of a free six month subscription of GQ, If that’s not incredible value I don’t know what is!

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The Latest Grooming Box from Mankind

Craig of That Dapper Chap takes a look at the latest grooming products in this months box from Mankind

Well gents Mankind have done it again and put together another superbly curated grooming box for blokes just like you and me. With another huge saving of 77% on the retail price, they’ve packed in some top products from our best loved brands and all for just £25!

Trying out the Hanz De Fuko hair paste

First off we have two pairs of socks from Levi’s. One plain navy, the other a colourful stripe to bring some interest to your otherwise ‘normal’ looking ankles. What better way to bring a bit of personality to your look than to throw on a pair of snazzy socks.

Striped socks by Levi’s are in the latest grooming box from Mankind

Not a ‘grooming’ product per se, they’ve included a men’s supplement from Imedeen. The box contains 60 little orange pills that can help improve your skin and reduce the signs of ageing (and who doesn’t want that?)

The Imedeen men’s supplement to keep your skin looking great

You’ll find a handy card in your grooming box which details every product that you get

Also in this box is the fresh mint natural lip balm from Jack Black, easy to use and small enough to pop in your pocket to give you that perfect pucker in a simple second.

The Jack Black natural lip balm for a perfect pout

Next up we have the Mr Natty Shipwreck Shower Wash which is formulated for body and hair. Great at the gym so that you don’t have to waltz into the shower with various bottles. It smells really good too!

With patchouli, vetiver and cocoa the Mr Natty shower wash comes with a great scent

Then we have the Men-U Performance Matters daily shampoo and conditioner. Both come in a ‘squirty’ bottle, saving time unscrewing lids or having a bathroom shelf full of bottles with lids left open. Just pump and wash! They both smell super fresh to boot.

The Men-U shampoo and conditioner to nourish and moisturise your crowning glory

Last but not least is the Hanz De Funko Gravity Paste. Use it on dry hair for a really firm hold and on damp hair to get a more sleek look. This hair product has a slightly spearmint smell to it giving you a fresh scented barnet.

With ‘super grip’ technology the Hanze De Fuko hair paste in a new and innovative product

Worth £110 you can grab yourself a whopping 77% discount and get all of these for just £25! And if you don’t want one yourself I’m sure you know a guy who’d appreciate one as a gift. All of the items come in a sleek and sturdy gift box, so ideal for present giving!

Lounging around while enjoying my Mankind grooming box. Now, what to spend that saving on?

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