What I Wore Today – The Boden shirt and blazer

That Dapper Chap shares todays look, wearing a shirt and blazer from Boden

I’ve loved Boden menswear for a few years now and have amassed quite a few pieces from their range, mostly knitted ties and patterned shirts, which I have to say are exceptional. When I speak of Boden, most people are aware that they do womenswear but not many know that they also do a great range for us blokes. 

They did used to have the mens range in their little catalogues, which I looked forward to getting each season, but for whatever reason they decided to do away with it, and focus their range of menswear purely online. So, I thought I’d bring it to your attention with today’s look.

As soon as I saw this blazer online I knew I had to have it. luckily I got it just before it sold out, so if you wanted to grab one, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. The large check pink gingham shirt is also Boden and is made from a thick cotton. It fits really well but I did buy a size smaller than I would have from another store, as I know that Boden can be large on me. I also went a size down on the blazer, and I’m pleased that I did as I think my real size would have been far too big.

This is quite a summery look, but in true British summer fashion it poured down with rain on the day that I wore it. I had planned to go sockless but the weather dictated that socks were a must. Luckily I had a pair almost the same colour as the blazer!

I wore jeans with the shirt and blazer, slim fit and dark in colour. They’re the same jeans that I wore for the ‘Date Night’ look in the jeans style challenge blog post. They’re a real favourite of mine now and I wear them a lot.

I accessorised with a pink lapel pin and pocket square to compliment the pink of the shirt, one of my trusty trouser chains, again in a complimentary colourway, and finally some pink and green bracelets just to help pull it all together. I love this look but I just wish the weather would have been more suited to its summer styling.

Where it’s all from

Burgundy loafers: Next

Green Socks: Racing Green

Smart Jeans: Next

Pink Gingham Shirt: Boden

Brompton Green Blazer: Boden

Watch: Harding

Briefcase: John Rocha

Lapel Pin: Home Made

Pocket Square: Southern Gents

Trouser Chain: Home Made

Bracelets: Home Made

Umbrella: Vintage Fox

Glasses: Specsavers

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What I Wore Today – Green With(out) Envy

That Dapper Chap shares his daily look using a muted palette of moss green and brown

This look went feet up literally and stemmed entirely from my new merino wool socks. While I do love bright colours that have an immediate impact on the eye and make a real style statement, I also love an autumnal palette of muted green and brown. More sedate yes, but no less impactful.

So, with socks chosen I knew I had a moss green, textured knit cardigan which would work well, so I dragged that out of the wardrobe and grabbed a moss green nato strap for my watch. 

The trousers were part of a suit but since losing a bit of weight the jacket was a little too big. After passing the jacket on to a new (and slightly larger) new owner, I took the trousers to my tailor for alteration as I couldn’t bear to part with them, and they’re much easier to alter than a jacket!

The jacket is slightly unusual in that it’s made from corduroy fabric and has pleated patch pockets with a button down flap. It makes a change from the standard blazer and it was a good fit for this look.

To finish the look I chose a heavy wool tie to continue with the depth of texture in the styling. The bracelets continue the colour story and the camo pocket square adds a modern trend element. The briefcase is a necessity, and this is the first time I’ve used this particular one. 

The shoes are a leather loafer and show off the socks perfectly. After all they were the inspiration for the whole look so I had to give them the exposure they deserved!

Where it’s all from

Brown leather loafers: Topman

Green merino wool socks: Cnyttan

Wool check trousers: Next

Plain white shirt: H&M

Moss green texture knit cardigan: Next

Wool check tie: Vintage from Ebay

Corduroy blazer: Next

Watch: Paul Hewitt

Bracelets: home made and various outlets

Leather briefcase: Tunisian Store while on vacation

Pocket Square: Pocket Square Clothing

Lapel Flower: Bespoke Unit

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Blue and green should never be…WHAT?!?!

After a few glasses of wine last night while watching a creepy movie and listening to a storm thrash and crash it’s way across my town, I thought I’d awake today bleary eyed and groggy, but I woke bright eyed and bushy tailed. Weird! Creepy movies, storms and wine are clearly a recipe for a good nights sleep. Note to self: must get more of all of the aforementioned items!

Today’s look started with this blue and green club style tie which was sent to me by Southern Gents. There were a few awesome goodies in the box that plopped itself on my doorstep late last week and I’ll be showing you all of them in my daily outfits as well as conducting a full product review for them on the blog soon, so watch this space! 

Keep this to yourselves but the guys at Southern Gents have also put up some great prizes for the next #ThatDapperChap Instagram contest, but that’s just between you and me right. Shhhhhhh🙊

So armed with the tie (which just happens to be in my favorite colour way) I dragged out this green and blue gingham shirt and green cordoury waistcoat. The weather has broken thanks to the storm so it was a little cooler today, allowing me to layer a little.

To keep the look light I chose this unlined summer cotton blazer and a pair of chinos. With a blue flower lapel pin and a camoflage pocket round, also from Southern Gents. I grabbed my sandwiches, stuffed them in my bag with an apple and my notebook and off I went.

It was a good Monday, as Mondays go, and I managed to get a lot off my To Do list, so all in all a good day. I hope yours was too.

Brown leather brogues: John Rocha

Cashmere striped socks: Moss

Chinos: Next

Blue and green gingham shirt: GAP

Green cordoury waistcoat: Topman

Summer cotton blazer: Jasper Conran

Club tie: Southern Gents

Camo Pocket round: Southern Gents

Lapel flower: Bespoke Unit

Briefcase: John Rocha

Watch: Vintage gold Longines