The July winners of the #ThatDapperChap contest

That dapper Chap introduces you to the winners of the July #thadapperchap Instagram contest

This month we teamed up with Leeds finest menswear specialist Frank Tailor, home of the £125 slim fit wool suit. They guys at Frank Tailor kindly agreed to give away some of their engraved tie clips and a polka dot tie to this months winners.

The Frank Tailor tie clip
The Frank Tailor prize tie

If you like the tie or tie clip yourself don’t forget that you can get 10% off ANY purchase at just by using the ‘thatdapperchap’ discount code at checkout!

Your winner – Phil

We love Phil’s individuality. Never one to shy away from an accessory or an unusual piece, Phil clearly knows his own style, it is unique, and celebrates his individualism. And that beard………

Phil tells us “I’ve been obsessed with clothes since I was a child and I’ve always loved getting dressed up. I learnt to sew as a teen and after high school attended an academy for fashion design. I still sew (I’ve got something in the works as we speak) but mostly I just love clothes”

Where does Phil get his inspiration from? “I find my style inspiration in many places in life but I’m often most inspired when looking to the past. Life is all about the details and fashion is no exception. But most of all I dress to feel good, and that’s something I’ll never compromise on. Feeling good = looking good” We couldn’t agree more!

Find Phil on Instagram as Phil_bones


Your runner up – Ben 

Ben is a young guy who clearly enjoys a more elegant style. Often in a bow tie, he certainly lives up to his Instagram name. 

So who is Ben and what are his influences? “I am a Los Angeles native who is passionate about music, classical piano specifically, and fashion.  I was introduced to finer, dapper fashion upon competing against a fellow pianist and friend.  He served as my mentor and help in finding my identity and style”

How would Ben describe his style? “My personal style is based on being edgy and flashy, both in casual and dapper fashion; I however do have my calmer days

Find Ben on Instagram as DapperYoungGent


Your runner up – Alex

We liked Alex’s classic style. well curated and confident in his approach to dressing he looks great in well tailored suits and blazers. 

We asked Alex to tell us about his style “It’s been a transformation over the last 12 months. I wanted to really express myself and became quite bored with having the stock-standard two suits and many different ties. Opening up to the world of sartorialism and expression was fantastic”

“Today I enjoy making myself feel great. A gent should feel good about what he wears and it does wonders for confidence. I take pride in the fact that a lot of men (and women) notice what I wear because it stands out amongst the black-suit wearing droves of Sydney business life. I like to stamp my character and persona in what I wear; something that matches my personality” Well said Alex!

Find Alex on Instagram as Chapmanovic


Thanks again to Frank Tailor for this months fantastic prizes.

Look out for next months #ThatDapperChap contest when we’ll have more great prizes to give away! 


The That Dapper Chap contest winners – June

That Dapper Chap introduces you to the winners of Junes #ThatDapperChap Instagram contest winners and the lucky recipients of Stitches Of  Style goodies.

Your Winner – Thomas

Thomas is a pretty cool guy and a deserved winner of the Stitches Of Style pistol Lapel pin and we look forward to seeing how you wear it. He also has a great pair of double monks that I’m extremely jealous of. He puts things together very well and has a very dapper look, as such, we are proud to announce his as our winner this month.

The pistol lapel pin from Stitches Of Style 

The double monks that I need in my life

Thomas says “My name is Thomas Yolain Jr, presently living in Baltimore, Maryland. I have a B.S. in Business Administration with a specialization in Management and Accounting. Currently I am working towards a Duel Master’s in Financial Management & Accounting”

Its those double monks again

“Confidence and Diversity reflects me, so I incorporate that in whatever I wear. With that being said I try wearing and incorporating a style of my own. During the week you’ll catch me suited up and on the weekend I am all casual & preppy” 

The hats and pocket square makes for a very dapper look, 

“Details play an important role in my personal style. It could be any essentials that I wear but the socks will match the color of my tie or pocket square in my suit, jackets, etc. It’s not only about the suit & tie, but channelling the right combinations. It’s not about the value of the clothes, but it’s about the combination and passion for whatever you do decide to wear”

Instagram: www.instagram/





Your Runner Up – Patrick 

An amazing double breasted suit

We loved Patricks looks, always smart and always dapper he’s a man who likes a well fitted suit and the fact that he carries a walking umbrella increased his dapper rating no end.

Every inch the gent in a tweed jacket and flat cap

Patrick tells me “I’m living in Potsdam, Germany and I am a law student in my last year (gladly)”


“I was just thinking about writing a manifesto on what style means for me, when I stumbled upon a quote of Orson Welles:

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn”

“And I have nothing more to add :)”



Your Runner Up – Scott

A classic look and a great tweed waistcoat

I’ve followed Scott on Instagram for a while now and I’ve always admired how her puts his looks together. It was only a matter of time before he was going to be one of our winners.

Its all about the shoes in this look

Scott told me “I’m 25 years old, born and raised in Canada. My style is a steady balance on the line between formal and business casual. My co workers don’t even wear ties to work, so it gives me the opportunity to throw in some less formal pieces to break my look up”

Both Scott and Patrick will receive the Stitches Of Style signature lapel pin below. We look forward to seeing you wearing it guys!

The Stitches Of Style signature lapel pin

Thanks once again to everybody that took part in this months contest and also to Stitches Of Style for the give away. For a full product review of Stitches Of Style see my previous blog

Watch out next month for more great prizes!