Luxury Christmas Food From Iceland?

Craig spends the day with frozen food giant Iceland and samples some of their Luxury Christmas food range

Christmas, as we know, is a time when we pull out all the stops. It’s a time for giving and for sharing, and food is a massive part of that. It’s a time when we spend a lot of money on food, the type of foods that we love, but don’t have during the rest of the year. We treat ourselves and our loved ones to luxury items. This year Iceland are offering a wide range of luxury foods for Christmas, but is it luxury? and how does it compare to other brands? Why should we buy from Iceland this year? And will our guests know?
The beautiful Iceland Luxury Triple Chocolate showstopping Gateau

The Iceland Luxury Triple Chocolate Gateau

For this sponsored post I want to share my experience and my thoughts on the food that is on offer from Iceland this Christmas.

Arriving at the Iceland head office just outside Chester, we were immediately greeted with a warm welcome, a drink and wonderful aroma of cooking turkey. Not being cooked in a conventional oven I hasten to add but on a barbecue! This is apparently a great way to free up oven space on the big day to ensure that you get those perfect roast potatoes! Who knew!

We were then ushered in to the kitchen where we were treated to a lesson in cooking lobster tails. I have to admit to never having eaten lobster but I have to tell you it was incredible! Cooked on the griddle and then placed on a bed of hay before being set alight to give a smokey taste and then placed in a taco, with guacamole and other delicious accompaniments. The tails cost £11 for two.

Iceland lobster tails, the perfect Christmas starter

The chef prepares the Iceland lobster tails

The Iceland lobster tails, smoked in burned hay

The iceland lobster tails ready to be peeled and eated

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A mini break in Devon at the Glazebrook House Boutique Hotel

Craig takes a mini break in Devon at Glazebrook House, one of its most luxurious and quirky boutique Hotels.

Relaxing in bed at Glazebrook House Hotel

Sometimes things in life happen for a reason. Often those reasons are unknown to us, and the journey there is beyond our control. We call it fate.

Hearing the story of how Glazebrook House Hotel turned from a tired country hotel, on it’s knees, in need of love and a new spirit to elevate it to the stunning boutique Hotel it is today is truly magical.

“Do you believe in fate?” I asked owner Pieter Hamman. “Yes” he replied, without hesitation. And it’s clear after talking to him why. People may think that Pieter chose Glazebrook House. No. Glazebrook House chose Pieter. He had absolutely no say in the matter, and it was always meant to be.

The stunning Timothy Oulton interior in the Glazebrook reception area

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A city break in in Zaandam Amsterdam – Part One

Craig spends a few days in the Netherlands visiting Amsterdam and saying in the Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam Hotel.


After getting bored with the usual two weeks on a sunbed in baking heat we decided it was time to get a bit more cultured and take some city breaks. With Budapest, Marrakesh, Reykjavik and Prague under our belts we decided it was time to visit Amsterdam.


I’ll cover the trip in two posts as I simply have too much to tell you in one post, and I’d hate to bore you!


We all know about the drug culture and the red light districts, and I am sure that these two things have resulted in some couples deciding to give Amsterdam a miss. All I will say about this is that it’s there if you want it, but it’s so easily avoided and while we didn’t go out of our way to make sure we didn’t engage with these pursuits, we didn’t see or here a single example of either. So be confident that if either of these things is offensive to you that it’s not what Amsterdam is all about.

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