Meet Oscar Wylee

That Dapper Chap introduces us to one of Australia’s leading eyewear brands


Founded in 2012, Oscar Wylee are an Australian eyewear brand based in Sydney and run by two savvy gents called John and Mike who, according to their web site supply glasses to the curious.

Yours truly wearing Oscar Wylee

Model wears Xander in Tortoise

Being a curious kind of chap I popped over to their site to have a look at their range after we struck up an online conversation.

I was immediately impressed by their vintage style range. The shapes and colours available are not the run of the mill stuff and there really is something there for all tastes. If you’re more of the quirky type, maybe you fancy trying Leo in a peach fade. Maybe you’re a vintage style gent who would suit Merriweather in the Auburn Tortoise colourway. Whatever your style, there will be something you like here.

Model wears Winston in black


The idea behind Oscar Wylee is simple: to provide high-quality, affordable eyeglasses with a vintage feel. They say that they’re not doing anything too complicated, but they are cutting out the middleman, thereby giving you the same glasses direct from the factory, minus the price tag.

From top to bottom: Merriweather, Zann and Winston

Until recently Oscar Wylee were based out of John’s garage. They say that it’s been “fun” but a lot of the work was carried out in a stairwell so they’ve now moved in to smart new space and are doing very well, even having their own showroom where you can see all of the frames and meet the team.

From top to bottom: Harper, Leo in peach fade and Leo in Tabby Tortoise 


One thing that sets Oscar Wylee apart from other eyewear brands is their commitment to Cambodia’s continuing problem with eyecare. For every single pair of glasses that you buy they donate to this incredible cause, making a real difference to peoples lives by helping to save their sight.

Please take a minute to watch this video to learn more about the campaign.


So after building a relationship with Oscar Wylee they kindly sent me a sample from their range of sunglasses to wear and test out. I wanted something a little different and was spoiled for choice here. 

After a whittling down my choice I opted for Perry in the Aged Bourbon colourway and before long a beautiful box arrived on my door mat with a lovely note from the guys at Oscar Wylee.

The presentation box with personal hand written note

Cool, clean and well presented

Wearing my Perry sunglasses

The glasses are great, they fit well are are well made. Not only that but I chose a great design. My friends are already jealous and they did a tour of the office being tried on by my colleagues when I wore them to work. In short I’m impressed. Impressed by the range, impressed by the service and very impressed by their dedication to such a great cause.

The branded leather cases lined in royal blue

My Perry sunglasses

Zara shirt and tie and my Oscar Wylee Perry sunglasses

Thanks for reading, be sure to check back for an update as I’ll be getting some Oscar Wylee prescription glasses too.







Call: (02) 8355 4646

Fax: (02) 8355 4640


320 Sussex Street, 

Sydney NSW 2000