The Brushed Cotton Check Shirt

Keep warm this season in an Autumn Winter staple:       The brushed cotton shirt

If you’re going to keep out the chills this season you’ll need to layer up. Trapping air in between layers of clothing is the most effective way of keeping warm. Wearing a brushed cotton shirt makes heat retention more effecting, not only that but you’ll look stylish and on trend too! 

A brushed cotton shirt styled with a waistcoat for warmth and dapperness. Image courtesy of GQ

One staple layer for most of us gents is of course the shirt. Wear a T-Shirt under it, add a waistcoat, cardigan or sweater over that, then a blazer before an overcoat and scarf and okay, you may not be able to move but you won’t freeze either!

A brushed cotton shirt can be dapper too. Image via Pinterest

Woodhouse Clothing are offering a great range of brushed cotton shirts this season from some pretty cool designers. Throw one on with a pair of jeans or go more dapper and add a waistcoat and a bow tie.

Don’t just consign them to the weekend, wear then to work with some chinos and smart boots and wool tie and blazer. 


The John Green tartan brushed cotton shirt – £65


Califoe blue & black brushed cotton check shirt – £109


The red and navy brushed cotton check labour shirt – £75


Khaki & navy check brushed cotton shirt – £109


Ravenwood grey & navy plaid shirt – £65

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