Double breasted delight

So following another huge purchase from Next, the delivery driver arrived, arms straining under the weight of my new outfits. As the excitement built I took the packages up to the bedroom and began opening them. One of the first things that I pulled out and one that I had waited in anticipation for was this blue double breasted suit.

It’s a very slim fit suit and as always with Next I had to order a couple of different sizes with the trousers to ensure the best fit. Next are so good when it comes to returns that I don’t feel bad about returning items or have that horrible embarrassment at the counter when the assistant asks you what’s wrong with the item and you then have to relay the story of your large calf muscles and that some skinny fit trousers are just too tight! (Or is that just me!?)

Another recent purchase is this shirt and tie. Bought on my business trip to Manchester I just had to grab the floral tie (I actually bought six ties!) and this soft heather coloured shirt.

With my new leather bag, bought in Tunisia for a rediculously low sum of cash and my blue suede brogues I was all set to go.

I love the fit of this suit and it’s very comfortable to wear. I’d seen a few double breasted suits coming onto the high street which for me is a welcome return. I had looked at a few but wanted something a little different. The colour of this suit drew me in as did the fact that it is a two button fastening which makes it a little more contemporary.

I chose accessories to match in with the colours of the shirt and tie and added a navy blue nato strap to my watch. The socks are a grey and heather polka dot which I feel coordinates well and adds a touch of fun to a very professional suit.

Blue suede brogues: Savile Row

Socks: Topman

Suit: Next

Shirt: Primark

Tie: Primark

Tie Clip: Frank Tailor

Watch: Timex Weekender

Bag: vacation purchase from Tunisia

Bracelets: various brands and handmade