What I Wore Today – Blue Wednesday

That Dapper Chap shares his favourite look from last week and chooses a blue outfit that he wore on Wednesday, teaming pinstripe wool trousers and skinny fit V-neck sweater.

After discovering the Hammond & Co range, designed by an idol of mine: Patrick Grant, I had to get my hands on these trousers. Fantastically tailored and made from pinstripe wool, they are a classic trouser with a modern fit. 

A Close up of the pinstripe on the trousers and of todays watch

Keeping with the classic navy theme (that’s the colour, not the military forces!) I chose a skinny fit sweater, again continuing with that slim silhouette that the trousers afford.  

rest against the beautiful architecture

Under the sweater is a classic white cotton shirt, complete with collar bar. The tie is a blue and pink floral which gives a nod to the coming spring and lifts the look, giving some interest and depth.

A closer look at the patterns on the tie and pocket square

The location for this shoot is St Mary Le Tower, a local church which I have had an affinity with for huge number of years. It’s a stunning example of a medieval church, and I’m pleased to tell you that I had the opportunity to visit the very top of its spire and look out over the townscape, which I’m sure not many people have had the chance to do.

The spire of St Mary Le Tower Church

So, back to the outfit. To keep the early morning chill off I wore a black wool blazer, to which I added a flower lapel, keeping with the floral accent, and also added a grey paisley pocket square.

With my trusty leather briefcase, a navy nato band on my watch, some bead bracelets and my tassel loafers I was ready for whatever the had in store for me.

Enjoying the colourful interior architecture

Looking out on to the world through gothic arched doors

A look at my leather briefcase

A closer look at the tie and collar pin

Stunning engravings

A look at todays wristwear

Taking a stroll around the church grounds

A look at St Mary Le Tower


Black Leather Tassel Loafers: Monk

Peacock Blue Cotton Socks: CNYTTAN

Pinstripe Wool Trousers: Hammond & Co

Black Wool Blazer: GAP

White Cotton Shirt: Primark Premium Range, London

Skinny Fit V Neck Sweater: Primark

Floral Tie: Dancys Of London

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Bead Bracelets: Our Saints

Pocket Square: Primark

Flower Lapel Pin: Home Made