The Valentines Day Gift Guide

Craig shows us some great gifts for that special man this Valentines Day

Love is in the air! With the annual problem of what to get that special man in your life this year for Valentines day, That Dapper Chap is here to help with a selection of great gifts that he’s sure to love and appreciate just as much as he does you. Whether you have a big budget or something more modest I hope that this post inspires you.

The Jewellery

First up is the gold and brown diamond cuff from Alex Orso. At £270 the 3.5mm square gold and brown diamond cuff is cast in solid Sterling Silver, and plated in 22kt Gold. Available in 2 sizes, the cuff features a 1.8mm square brown diamond, discretely fitted flush into one end. The inside surface and edges of the cuff have a high polish, while the outside surface has a brushed satin finish. The product features Goldsmith’s Company hallmarks.

Alex Orso diamonds are sourced through suppliers who comply with The Kimberley Process and the World Diamond Council System of Warranties. The brown tinge of the brown diamond is very subtle making the stone look almost completely clear. 

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The Kia Stinger

Craig spends a day with Kia and test drives the brand new Stinger

After a short flight from Gatwick airport, myself, fellow bloggers and motoring journalists arrived in Cornwall for a day with car giant Kia to check out the brand new Kia Stinger Gran Turimso.

We didn’t have to wait long before we got our first look at this sleek new motor, as no sooner were we on the tarmac, than three Stingers came hurtling down the runway at great speed with a blur of shimmering red and a gutsy roar of 6 cylinder engines.

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A day with Mazda

Craig takes a trip to the Cotswolds to test drive a selection of cars by Mazda, including the CX5, Mazda 6 and the MX5

After arriving in the Cotswolds on a cold, dark and wet evening, I have to admit that I wasn’t thrilled by the prospect of driving a range of Mazda’s cars around the countryside. However as morning broke, it was clear that our day was going to be blessed with sunshine. What a perfect day for a test drive!

The Mazda MX5

I’m not going to bang on about how great the MX5 is as I’ve already cover it in a previous post. However as it was there it would be terribly rude not to take the opportunity to drop the roof and take it out for a spin. Unlike the Soul red version that I discussed previously this pale grey variation has a soft top, which unlike the RF hard top has to be dropped manually. Not a huge effort admittedly but more effort than simply pressing a button on the dashboard!

Also, this was the 1.5L rather than the 2L that I drove previously, and it was instantly different to drive as it had way less pull than it’s gutsier sister. It’s still a great drive however and there’s nothing better than flying around the countryside, roof down in the autumn sun.

The Mazda MX5 can be yours for around £18,795

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