Calm camo

If you’ve been following my blog or have taken a look at the ‘popular posts’ section you’ll know that these trousers have caused a bit of controversy in the past! That was the first time I had worn them and they have been neatly folded away in a draw ever since that day and I decided that it was time that they saw the light of day again. To hell with the haters!

This time I teamed them up with a plain white shirt, some tan leather brogues and a wool waistcoat which all go to keep the look smart.  To accessorise I added some bracelet and my trusty Timex with a camo strap.  I also opted for camo socks, I’m still not sure if that was a mistake. I’m not too concerned that it was too much but I was running late and just couldn’t choose a pair! 

I’m pleased to day that I received no derogatory remarks as I did last time. No shouts from mindless bigoted yobs and no negativity in general. Maybe because people knew what a debacle it was last time and didn’t want  a repeat or to compound my tendency not to wear these trousers. Maybe they just slated me behind my back, who knows. Either way who cares! I like them.


Brogues: Burton Menswear

Socks: Foot Cardigan

Trousers: EBay online stor

Waistcoat: H&M

Shirt: H&M

Bag: RochaJohnRocha at Debenhams

Watch: Timex Weekender 

Bracelets: bought and home made