The Hermés Silk Ball

That Dapper Chap attends a most illustrious event

Held in the beautiful Koko club in Camden Town, London, this years Hermés Silk Ball was a great success and a night to remember!

Yours truly in the silk lined walk way

Koko Club in London

While I do own silk scarves and consider them to be a gentlemans accessory of choice, the silk scarves displayed by Hermés were something else. Huge in size and draped around models and party attendees alike they are surely the accessory of choice for a dapper lady too!

Arriving at the entrance of the historical Koko Club, we were greeted with warm smiles by wonderfully attired ladies and gentlemen all wearing Hermés silk and offering a selection of Hermés design masks. It was a masked ball after all!

The staff greeting party goers

After showing our invitations we walked down a short walkway which was beautifully adorned with Hermés silk scarves before arriving in the main hall. 

The Koko Club started life in 1900 as the Camden Theatre and held regular shows by non other than Charlie Chaplin. later on it hosted performances by The Clash, The Sex Pistols, Grace Jones, and even Madonna, amongst others.

After a multi million pound refurbishment which could have resulted in an ultra modern interior, I was pleased to see that the internal architecture still remains as it once was with its intricate balconies and ceilings all intact and beautifully restored and painted in red and gold for a fittingly sumptuous venue.

Inside the Koko club
Beautiful Hermés silk scarves
That Dapper Chap with a Hermés design back drop

wearing green and blue cropped tartan trousers with a crisp white shirt and vintage bow tie I added a touch of dapper with a new navy velvet blazer from Burton Menswear. Walking round the club, guests were arriving in all their finery; evening dresses, top hats and feathered headpieces were all sported and it was one night where anything goes and the mythical and magical theme was continued by the models and dancers who graced the walkways all draped in Hermés silk in one form or another.

Guests and models at the event

Stunning evening wear
A dancer adorned in silk (courtesy of the Hermés Instagram page)

Aside from the stunning silks and colourful designs, one area that left me breathless was the food! Taking a cocktail from the bar we made our way to the food area where no expense was spared and the magical theme continued.

As guests mingled and music filled the air courtesy of the in house DJ, we sipped drinks and wound our way around other guests before stopping at one of the two silk sets where we were promptly draped in silk and photographed for prosperity.

The official photograph from the ball

Guests being photographed

Guests being photographed

Viktor Man of the Man And Glam Blog

Selecting and emailing our pictures

 As the evening progressed and the cocktails flowed we were treated to sporadic shows by the models and dancers and they climbed podiums and the stage to perform. It was a fantastic night and I was very pleased to have been invited.

A model at the Hermés Silk Ball

Guests in their finery

A model at the Hermés Silk Ball

Guests dance the night away

A model and dancer at the hermés Silk Ball

Yours truly with a model wearing a silk horses head

That Dapper Chap meets a model sporting silk antlers

Guests enjoying the show

A model and dancer at the event

The party gets started

A guest at the ball

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