What I Wore Today – A Touch Of Pink

That Dapper Chap shares his daily look and today chooses to wear a hint of pink on this bright spring day

Do I take off my jacket? Do I keep it on?

Well, it was a beautiful spring day but as I type the British weather has predictably flipped from promises of warm summer sun to Autumnal style showers. Someone get me on a plane to somewhere with weather that I can rely on! Not only is it irritating for the “shall I take an umbrella?” moments but it can be so difficult to prepare what to wear in advance. I wanted to wear my new loafers the other day with a rolled up chino and no socks. On the morning it was clear that the wet weather and chilly winds had other ideas for me!  

Anyway, my typically British weather rant over I’ll move on and tell you about this outfit. I’ve been wearing a lot of navy lately so I wanted to switch out and go for something a little more colourful. So, with spring flowers in mind I chose a look with pink accents.

The outfit layout, all ready to go

Today’s wrist wear keeping it tonal

This pale pink shirt has a subtle pin stripe in it which add interest to an otherwise plain shirt. For some contrast and texture I added a knitted dark pink tie, again with a similar stripe which would run in the opposite direction. With a bolder stripe on the shirt this may not have worked but as it is a less obvious pattern I think I managed to pull it off.

A fully look at he entire outfit

The camel chinos add some neutrality, keeping it more conservative for the office but I had to have a pop of colour from the socks, again in a dark pink to compliment the tie and help bring the look together.  

A close up of todays footwear

Ready for what the day holds

The blazer is a dark burgundy colour, fully lined with patch pockets. I know that a lot of guys aren’t a fan of patch pockets but I don’t find them offensive and this isn’t an overly formal look so I think it works here.

Accessories consisted of my usual bead bracelets and a pink lace wrist band along with a vintage tie clip, to stop my tie doing things that I didn’t want it to. I also wore my beaded trouser chain which I’m becoming more and more a fan of. In addition I wore a pink flower lapel pin giving another nod to spring and a pink linen pocket square I was ready for the day. 

The pink flower lapel pin and a close up of the tie

Deep in thought pondering tomorrows look

The vintage tie pin stops the tie flying away

Heading in the right direction (for once)

A closer look at the beaded trouser chain

I was one told “always walk like you have somewhere to go” 

Burgundy tassel loafers stay with the colour accents

A look at today’s watch and pocket square


Burgundy high shine loafers – Next

Burgundy Ribbed Socks – Uniqlo

Camel Coloured Chinos – Next

Pink Striped Shirt – Primark

Burgundy Striped Knitted Tie – Racing Green

Tie Clip – Vintage from Ebay

Burgundy Blazer – Racing Green

Pink Linen Pocket Square – Squared Pocket UK

Pink Flower Lapel Pin – Home Made

Beaded Trouser Chain – The Modern Gentleman

Brown Leather Briefcase – Rocha JohnRocha at Debenhams

Tan Leather Belt – Primark

Watch – Daniel Wellington

Burgundy Leather Watch Strap – Bespoke by BWeiss Leather


What I Wore – The Next Skinny Fit Suit

That Dapper Chap shares his daily look and shows off his new skinny fit suit from Next

Next have been making great affordable suits for years, dressing the likes of you and me in the latest cuts and fabrics and making sure that we look the part at that meeting, wedding or on that date.

This is my latest purchase, advertised as a ‘rust’ skinny fit suit which for me conjures images of rich deep oranges I’d say this is more berry coloured or deep burgundy.

Due to the weather conditions and the need for some additional warmth I also wore my checked coat, a patterned scarf and some leather gloves. I would have frozen for sure without them.


Under the suit I wore a burgundy and white striped shirt and a knitted burgundy and white polka dot tie which I held in place with a quirky little tie clip in the shape of a coat hanger, alluding to my love of fashion and my blogging career.

I accessorised with a matching watch strap with was made specifically for my watch by an Instagram friend. The leather loafers continue the colour palette and the lapel pin maintains the gold highlights.

I am really please with this suit, the fabric is great as it the fit. I first wore it while at London Collections: Men a could of weeks and and received some very nice comments about it. 

So with lunch packed in my leather briefcase and hand made pocket square in place I was ready for whatever the day had in store.

Where it’s all from

Burgundy Leather Loafers: Vintage, from Beyond retro, London

Burgundy Socks: Uniqlo

Skinny Fit Suit: Next

Stripped, Button Down Shirt: Next

Patterned Scarf: Next

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Watch Strat: Bespoke, BWeiss Leather

Leather Briefcase: John Rocha at Debenhams

Knitted Polka Dot Tie: Ebay

Wool Check Coat: Zara

Gloves: Next

Pocket Square: Gavin Pierre-Medford

Tie Bar: Stitches Of Style

Stag Head Lapel Pin: Ebay


Cardigan time

After sleeping with the bedroom window open last night I woke to a pretty chilly bedroom and pulled up the duvet while I drank my coffee and happily let the cat curl up on me for added warmth. 

So, keeping with a summer floral shirt I pulled out an oversize burgundy cardigan as I knew I’d need it for my walk to work.

Throwing a couple of chicken pitta breads and an apple into my vintage leather case, I grabbed my phone and off I went. The chill was a bit of a shock! After such a warm few weeks I’m not used to it but at least I can start to think about my autumn wardrobe!

Purple leather brogues: ASOS

striped socks: Topman

Burgundy cords: Next

Floral shirt: Primark

Belt: Burton Menswear

Bow Tie: vintage via Etsy

Cardigan: H&M 

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Watch Strap: hand made, hand dyed leather by BWeiss Leather

Briefcase: Vintage

Flower pin: handmade