What I Wore Today – Boden & John Varvatos

Craig of That Dapper Chap shows us his look for this weekend and shows off his new John Varvatos weekend bag.

When I chose this red and blue striped sweater by Boden I couldn’t wait to wear it, but being in the midst of summer, the opportunity hadn’t yet arisen. Not that today was a particularly cool day, more that I couldn’t resist wearing it any more! With its thin knit in cotton and cashmere it’s a great fit and so soft and easy to wear.

With the sweater I wore a pair of stone coloured chino shorts and kept the red and blue theme going with the wristwear and laces in the tan lather brogues.

If you’re off for a weekend by the sea like myself you’ll need a great bag. This canvas weekend bag by John Varvatos fits the bill. The fact that it’s lightweight to begin with is a huge plus. I have leather weekend bags and they are heavy even before you’ve filled it with everything that you need for your time away!

It’s a very roomy bag and even after I’d packed everything I needed I still had some room left inside. I love a bag that comes with handles and a strap as it makes it much more versatile than a bag with just one or the other.  It’s faux leather handles are large enough to fit over your shoulder too, so you have three carrying options. The only downside for me is a distinct lack of pockets so if you needed to take passports and documents you’ll need to carry them inside the bag itself or somewhere else which could be a pain.

While you may know John varvatos from his time designing for Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, you might also know that he has his own range of clothing along with a great range of fragrances which are available at Debenhams.

I didn’t take a huge amount of stuff for my trip, the idea is to chill out, drink wine and relax with friends rather than have to worry about looking stylish. We all need some total chill time right!

Where It’s All From

Weekend Bag: John Varvatos

Red & Blue Stripe Sweater: Boden

Tan Leather Brogues: Burton Menswear

No Show Socks: Primark

Stone Chino Shorts: Primark

Sunglasses: Primark

Straw Hat: Primark

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Bead Bracelets: Home Made

Anchor Phrep Bracelet: Paul Hewitt


What I Wore Today – The Denim Blazer

Craig of That Dapper Chap shares today look and follows his quest for the perfect denim blazer

The blazer is a go to item for any gent worth his salt, usually found in wool, tweed and cotton for those warmer days, and worn both casually and when the occasion calls for a smarter look. We all know the denim jacket too with is stud buttons and cropped shape. But have you ever considered a denim blazer? I have, and it took me ages to find one!

After deciding that I needed one in my life, I set about googling ‘denim blazer’ I was presented with, well, not much really. I was directed to various menswear sites, all to no avail. Plenty of denim, plenty of blazers but no denim blazers. Google Images didn’t help much either as I was sent to pages that didn’t exist or that didn’t have the same blazer.

After more searching I did find denim blazers, but they were all bleached, ripped or distressed. Not at all the look I was going for! I wanted something that looked smart, something clean and presentable. So I dropped Google and popped into Ebay, surely they would have something? And then I found it! Priced at £38.00, brand new and located in China. A click on the ‘buy it now’ button, a two three week wait and it arrived on my doorstep.

The blazer fits perfectly and is fully lined, single breasted with a two button fastening and buttons at the cuffs. I’d found my perfect denim blazer and I’m glad I spent the time searching the web for it. Now you don’t have to. I’ve done all the leg work for you!

Now what to wear it with! Going for a slightly preppy look I chose my favourite chinos and a statement shirt. You all know I’m a fan of red and blue as a colour scheme so it’ll be no surprise that that’s what I opted for! Keeping the colour scheme tight I went for a matching watch strap and belt, red socks and blue suede shoes (queue the Elvis impressions)!

I almost put on a plain navy tie, but changed my mind at the last minute. I thought the shirt may be too busy for a patterned tie, but I think this diagonal stripe knitted tie adds interest and works well. I couldn’t leave without some bead bracelets, and again kept these coordinated.

The badge is a bit of a tongue in cheek nod to the preppy, college look, and works as it adds a red accent to the big block of blue that the blazer creates. It’s for that reason that I added the red and blue silk pocket square too. So, did I make the right choice?

Where it’s all from

Blue Suede Brogues – Savile Row W1

Royal Red Cotton Socks – Cnyttan

Lawson Navy Chinos – Racing Green

Red and Blue Elasticated Leather Ended Belt – Paul Hewitt

Classic Line Watch – Paul Hewitt

Patterned Shirt – Next

Knitted Tie – Ben Sherman

Denim Blazer – Ebay Seller Storming1818

Silk Pocket Square – Paul Hewitt

‘Head Boy’ Badge – Ebay Seller mlbadgesmore

Bracelets – Hand Made

Briefcase – Vacation Purchase, Tunisia 


Feel the teal

Following yesterday’s need for tweed and the ensuing warmth that left me panting like a dog after a run on the beach in the noon sun, I decided for a more appropriate outfit today. 

In this weather you can’t go wrong with natural cotton and both the shirt and chinos are made from said fabric.

Being a little tired after being up until the early hours working on a new and exciting project (watch this space) I needed a sugar hit today and opted for Spelly Jellyies! While incredibly tempting to spell out four letter expletives, I refrained and spelled ‘watch’ I did intend to spell ‘Timex’ but there was no ‘X’! But I definitely saw ‘F’ ‘C’ ‘U’ and ‘K’ so if I was wearing French Connection UK we’d have been okay! 😉. I also noted a ‘C’ ‘U’……..okay I’m going to stop now! Such fun!

Shoes: Topman

Socks: Topman

Chinos: Next

Shirt: Topman

Navy knitted Tie: Next

Tie Clip: vintage via EBay 

Cardigan: Primark

Watch: Timex with Nato band

Bracelets: various, some hand made

Briefcase: vacation purchase

Sunglasses: Frank Tailor

Spelly Jellies: Haribo😉