Product Review – Jacamo Christmas Jumpers

That Dapper Chap shows us two Christmas Jumpers available from Jacamo in his latest product review.


Jacamo. What do you know about them? 

They sell clothing for guys that are tall, wide and generally the size of a solidly built rugby player right? Well, in short, yes. 

They do cater for the larger guy and they do this very well, but that’s not all they do as they also offer clothing for a more regular sized bloke like me. 

As with all good mens brands, jacamo have stocked up on Christmas sweaters, so I took the opportunity to grab a couple and test drive them for quality and service. 

As well at these two beauties Jacamo have at least ten more to choose from. Some at the more ‘tacky’ end of the Christmas jumper spectrum (but hey it is Christmas) and others at the more ‘sedate’ end. I opted for a more classy offering and something that can be worn during the entire month of December rather than just while you’re stuffing your face with turkey on Christmas day.

The snow capped mountains on this blue sweater

The first sweater is a blue and white scene of snow capped mountains with good old Santa whizzing by in his trusty sleigh, zooming off to drop those much wished for gifts to children of all ages. I chose this one as it cannot be argued that it isnt a ‘christmas sweater’ but also because it’s not covered with jingling bells and baubles like some I’ve seen.

The second is a burgundy sweater with a stags head on it. Okay it doesn’t scream ‘Christmas’  but with stags heads appearing on a lot of Christmas clothing and homeware it’s an on trend, and more than acceptable choice.

The burgundy sweater with traditional stags head


At £30 a pop, they aren’t the cheapest Christmas sweaters out there. The price is pretty average, and won’t break the bank. They have no wool content however and I would have expected some wool at this cost.

Postage and Packaging

The standard delivery cost within the UK is £3.99 and if you’re in a hurry you can order before 8pm and get your items delivered to an address of your choice. Order before 12pm on Saturday for Sunday Delivery! They also offer a service where you can get your parcel delivered to a nominated address on a specific day in addition to the ‘click and collect in store’ option. So, whatever happens it won’t be dumped on your doorstep with the risk of it being stolen!

The packing is functional and is simply there to protect the garments in transit. The sweaters arrived in a plastic postal bag, each sealed in its own clear plastic bag inside.


I was forewarned that Jacamo sizes may be larger than those that I could expect to buy at other stores. For this reason I chose a size small rather than the usual Medium I would buy. Size wise, its a perfect fit showing that Jacamo sizes are set as a size above standard.

The quality is fair for the cost. I wouldn’t say they are a high quality knit, particularly as they are both 100% acrylic and have no wool content at all. This has its benefits however in that they can both be thrown into the washing machine at 40 degrees and even tumble dried. No laying flat for days on end while they drip dry and make your home stink like wet dog!

Harry chose a size Medium, as like a lot of teens he likes his sweaters on the larger side. I would suggest this would be a standard size large.

The stag sweater is a very nice design, however due to the way it is knitted it has a line across the top of the garment in the knit itself, this is where the colours are reversed on the inside of the sweater. I did try to iron it out but it’s there to stay as you can see clearly from the image below.


If you’re in the market for a Christmas sweater check them out, they have a good range from truly tacky to sensibly sedate. There will be a design that you like. Be aware of the sizing though and choose the size below that which you would usually order.

Other sweaters available from Jacamo

Pro’s & Con’s

The sweaters arrived quickly and were well packed. They fit well and look good, aside from the odd line across the top of Harry’s sweater ,which isn’t great.

The colours are strong as are the designs.


The team thought they were both good designs and immediately commented on the sizing. They said the sweaters were soft to the touch and they liked the colours.

It has to be said that none of them noticed or mentioned the line across the top of the stag sweater.


Overall these are a solid example of a good traditional Christmas sweater. Slightly more expensive that some I’ve seen and not as expensive as others.

I shall happily wear mine during the month of December but Harry will be sure to wear his from Autumn to Spring due to the acceptability of the design as one that could be worn outside of the season for which it is intended.




The Brushed Cotton Check Shirt

Keep warm this season in an Autumn Winter staple:       The brushed cotton shirt

If you’re going to keep out the chills this season you’ll need to layer up. Trapping air in between layers of clothing is the most effective way of keeping warm. Wearing a brushed cotton shirt makes heat retention more effecting, not only that but you’ll look stylish and on trend too! 

A brushed cotton shirt styled with a waistcoat for warmth and dapperness. Image courtesy of GQ

One staple layer for most of us gents is of course the shirt. Wear a T-Shirt under it, add a waistcoat, cardigan or sweater over that, then a blazer before an overcoat and scarf and okay, you may not be able to move but you won’t freeze either!

A brushed cotton shirt can be dapper too. Image via Pinterest

Woodhouse Clothing are offering a great range of brushed cotton shirts this season from some pretty cool designers. Throw one on with a pair of jeans or go more dapper and add a waistcoat and a bow tie.

Don’t just consign them to the weekend, wear then to work with some chinos and smart boots and wool tie and blazer. 


The John Green tartan brushed cotton shirt – £65


Califoe blue & black brushed cotton check shirt – £109


The red and navy brushed cotton check labour shirt – £75


Khaki & navy check brushed cotton shirt – £109


Ravenwood grey & navy plaid shirt – £65

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