Styled By Simon

That Dapper Chap views the AW15 Simon Carter Collection

If you’ve been following my writing before That Dapper you’ll know that I was a contributing writer for Bespoke Unit, an american based menswear and lifestyle magazine. While writing for them I was invited to an evening in the company of British Menswear designer Simon Carter. This was my first official outing as a blogger and my experience is detailed in my article for Bespoke Unit.

My return to Mayfair

As I mentioned above the last time I visited Simon Carter was my first outing as a blogger and I have to admit to being a bit nervous, I had no idea how it was going to go and no idea about what to expect. This time was different however, and while I didn’t know what to expect from the AW14 collection I knew that I could expect a warm welcome and a firm handshake and that is exactly what greeted us.

Outside the Simon carter store in Londons Mayfair

I attended the evening with Viktor Man of The Man And Glam Blog. It had been an eventful evening so far, having just left the Lutwyche SS15 preview in Holborn and I knew that Viktor would be excited to see the Liberty prints that Simon uses on his shirts, and his reaction when he saw them was just as I expected.

As we’ve come to expect from the Simon Carter range there was an array of stunning colours and patterns in store. Simon told us that after seeing the 2013 film American Hustle he was inspired to add aspects of a 70’s retro theme for AW14 and this is evident in his brightly coloured wide kipper ties. This is in direct contrast to, and a stark difference to what we are seeing in mens neckwear of late, when ties have seemed to get thinner and thinner. But as we know, what goes around comes around and with Topman putting flares on the runway during London Collections: Men the 1970’s are returning. Groovy man!

A range of stunning prints
Some of the many beautiful cufflinks available online £50-£75
Modelling a stunning navy silk velvet evening jacket

As soon as we stepped into the store we were recognised by Simon, which was very nice. Considering that Simon is a man who meets many different people at many different events, he is very down to earth and his success still hasn’t gone to his head. This is a very admirable trait and one which is often lost by other designers and people in his field. No sooner was the big smile and firm shake over when we were being offered a much needed glass of fizz and I was out of my own jacket and in one of Simon’s latest creations. 

Beautiful Liberty print shirts

With Simon Carter, surrounded by beautiful shirts

While Viktor was admiring the colourful patterns and stunning Liberty prints, as excited as a small a child in a sweet shop, Simon and I discussed his latest collection. Again very British in design, as we’ve come to expect and featuring fabrics such as silk velvet and corduroy to keep out those autumnal chills. I fell in love with the hunter green cord jacket and would gladly have exchanged it the one I arrived in and taken it home!

Modelling a check jacket in the comic book changing room

More of the luxurious print shirts and ties

A gorgeous hunter green corduroy blazer, perfect for Autumn

The English Field liberty print shirt from the current range £130

Discussing pattern and style

Delicious patterns

That Dapper Chap discussing menswear

Colourful liberty print Kaylie Sunshine shirt £130

The AW14 range of jackets and blazers

Queue for the zoo Liberty print shirt £130

Hunting style blazer. Another stunning piece from the AW14 collection

The Dragonfly print shirt £150

Talking to store managers 

Just a selection of some of the amazing accessories

Since meeting Simon last year many things have changed; the range of Liberty prints, the increased range of accessories and the introduction of underwear. But I’m sure that even with all of these, Simons proudest moment was winning the Drapers Award for Menswear Brand of The year. 

Well deserved and receiving the recognition that he deserves. With this under his belt I am sure that there are more awards coming his way and I am excited to see whats next for Mr Carter.

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Love For Lutwyche

That Dapper Chap meets Tony Lutwyche and views his SS15 collection

The Lutwyche Bespoke SS15 preview

As we all know London Collections: Men has seen another successful few days in the UK capital. Spread over various locations, this year has seen another wide selection of brands and designers showcasing their latest collections and offering a preview of AW14 and SS15.

I was lucky enough to be invited to one of the many showcases at a most luxurious location. The event in question was the SS15 collection of Lutwyche Bespoke at the glorious Rosewood Hotel in London.  A beautiful location for an equally beautiful collection.

The Rosewood Hotel

The location for the collection was the ballroom of the sumptuous and stunningly appointed neoclassical Rosewood Hotel. Found in High Holborn in Londons West End, its intricate wrought iron gates lead you into the Edwardian court yard where you are instantly filled with nostalgia, taking you back to a much more more elegant era.

The main entrance

Built in 1914 and designed by H Percy Monckton it was originally the home of a large Assurance company. This listed building is packed to the rafters with magnificent features which haven’t gone unnoticed by film companies and fashionistas alike who have both taken advantage of this stunning backdrop.

Inside the hotel
Sumptuous and elegant deco style interiors
The incredible ballroom entrance

Lutwyche Bespoke

Relatively new to the Bespoke scene, Lutwyche are fast gaining a reputation for elegance and quality. Using only the best quality natural fabrics, which are chosen exclusively for their tailoring, each piece is cut by hand before being constructed into one of the masterpieces that we saw at the preview.

The Clifford Street store in London

I was allowed to bring a guest to the preview, so contacted my buddy and fellow blogger Viktor Man of The man And Glam blog. Meeting at Holborn station we caught up on current events over coffee and set off both sporting bow ties and went sockless in loafers (boy, did I regret that later in the night. Thanks again for the socks Viktor!) 

Arriving at the venue we were escorted down a handsome staircase where we were seamlessly handed over to the official photographer to have our pictures taken. Snaps taken and a chilled glass of a fruity white wine in hand we were introduced to Freddie Johnson of London PR company APR Communications, he in turn introduced us to the collection and to the man himself: Tony Lutwyche.

Posing by the Lutwyche backdrop
Guests enjoying the event

The collection

The collection was stunning, each piece perfectly cut, crafted and fitted to its mannequin before being placed on its own podium and spotlit for maximum effect. While the noted parties, bloggers and the suited and booted sipped wine, nibbled on a delicious range of canapés and discussed the intricacies and design elements which went into every piece, I found myself inexplicably drawn to a truly stunning raincoat.

The red silk raincoat. 55% silk, 45% mohair. £4,050

The close up shows the grain of the fabric and the simple design

A closer view of the red raincoats clean sharp lines
Guests at the event; By invitation only

Made from 55% waterproof silk and 45% mohair this raincoat is the epitome of elegance. retailing at £4,050 its clean lines, sharp edges and vivid colour make for a dynamic but very wearable every day piece. Not a shy and retiring edition to the collection it was the talking point of the event and demanded attention from everyone in the room. Little did I know that it had a challenger for most talked about piece, for it had a contemporary in vivid yellow.

The contender for most talked about

Just as commanding and rightly placed at opposite ends of the ballroom so as not to distract from one another, the yellow raincoat is too made from rainproof silk. 

For me the yellow wins. Is this because I have seen yellow raincoats in the past and it is therefore more familiar? That traditional hooded fishermans coat? (not that this is that by any stretch of the imagination but the association is there) Is it because everybody wants to see some sunshine on a dull rainy day which makes it instantly more acceptable? Maybe its because the red of its brother spells danger and is an unadulterated demander of attention in a more abrupt way and therefore a more fearful edition.

While still bright and extrovert in its nature I feel the yellow has a more subtle look, more understated maybe. Either way, both are marvellous examples of an everyday item that is usually ignored and thrown over the backs of battered chairs in cafes while its owner grabs an Americano and a goats cheese and basil Panini between meetings. One thing is for sure, the gentleman who wears either of these is both confident and exudes class, maybe even a little arrogant, and for good reason, because he is at the top of his game and reserves the right to be so. I also don’t think he eats goats cheese.

Beautiful blazers displayed on their podiums
The silver multi check suit. Half lined, 90% wool, 10% silk £3,510

The stunning dark navy, basket weave dinner jacket 55% silk 45% wool £2,850

A beautiful double breasted blazer oozes understated chic
Teal herringbone jacket. half lined. 63% linen, 19% wool, 18% silk. £2,490

The dapper Mr Man, camera ready

The formal wear alcove. Silver sharkskin morning suit (right) £6,750

Blue jacket with cream windowpane check. Fully Lined. 55% wool, 5% silk. £2,940
Blue jacket with red windowpane check. 43% wool, 32% silk, 25% linen. £2,490

Tony Lutwyche

After another glass of wine and some delicious canapes, which included quails eggs, asparagus tips and miniature sausage and mash and after conversations with various attendees, which included a young American lady who trades in 120 feet yachts for Edmiston & Co, and a charming lady who came self described as a “hack for the Wall Street Journal” We sought out Freddie again for that introduction to the man himself.

Tony Lutwyche

Born of good stock and from a family whose name is listed in the doomsday book, Tony was destined for success. Serving in the military he saw active service and rose to the rank of Major before becoming a tailor in 2000.

As a shrewd business man he sees the benefits of investing in great talent, and is passionate about nurturing it. So much so that he is creating new apprenticeships in the tailoring industry. This is an admirable venture for a gentleman who could simply focus on his own success but who wants to establish new expertise in his field.

Sporting one of his own blazers (well you would wouldn’t you) and a pair of salmon chinos, Tony was down to earth, polite and friendly. Very much in demand, we had a brief but interesting conversation about the Lutwyche brand the collection before he was delicately whisked away to talk to other guests

There was only one thing that annoyed me about the entire evening and that was that I didn’t think to ask for a photograph with him and I’m hoping that I’ll get one while viewing the AW15 collection, should I be lucky enough to be invited again. Time will tell.

The stunning staircase

Find Lutwyche Bespoke

Lutwyche Bespoke

15 Clifford St



Tel: 020 7287 5632



A Twist Of Lime

I must be getting old! One late night in London for LC:M and I’m tired for two days! What’s that about? I have been busy preparing a piece for the blog about my time at the Lutwyche SS15 preview but I’m waiting for photographs from my fellow attendee Viktor Mann of The Man And Glam Blog. So watch this space.

Today’s look was entirely created around this tie! It’s one of four that I bought while on a trip to Leeds. Instagrams Oneyounggent had one and I liked it so much that I went on a hunt for it, but I didn’t expect to find four different designs!

I picked the lime colour out of the tie as an accent for today’s look and pulled out a lime coloured bracelet, lapel pin, pocket square, nato band for my watch, socks and even laces for my blue suede brogues.

Shoes: Savile Row

Socks: Topman

Chinos: Next

Shirt: Primark

Tie: Primark

Blazer: Topman

Bag: Next

Watch: Timex Weekender

Bracelets: Handmade

Tie Clip: Vintage