My day shooting for Base London Shoes

Craig of That Dapper Chap tells us about his day shooting the SS17 collection from Base London Shoes and shares his top five from the new range

When I fell in love with and bought a pair of Bordo coloured apron front shoes from Base London, little did I know that I’d end up as their model for the SS17 collection!

With a case full of trousers I alighted the train in central London and made my way to their incredible showroom (above) While the main photography for the web site took place in another part of the building we did manage to take a few pictures in the showroom and I’m really glad that we did

Not an overly glamorous shoot (it’s not like the movies) I had to do rapid changes of trousers, socks and of course shoes, trying out some different styles along the way.

With 150 styles in the SS17 collection we managed to shoot 96 in one day which is quite good going. Can you imagine changing your socks 96 times in a day?

When I was a teenager and went looking for a new pair of shoes I always dreamed of finding something different, something that packed a bit of a punch and had style. At that time it didn’t exist and it’s clear to me now that other guys felt the same, as when they became adults and got jobs in shoe design, mens shoes changed for the better.

Base London offer an incredible range of awesome styles to suit all tastes from the classic business shoe all the way up to something a little quirky for that special occasion.

As I’ve praised the new range of shoes from Base London, I suppose it’s only fair that I share some of my favourite styles that are coming our way in the SS17 collection.

These styles won’t be released until January, so it’s just our secret okay!

My Top Five Shoes from the base London SS17 Collection

First up we have the Bailey Grain shoes in tan. These are a classic brogue style shoes that are going to look great with many different styles. Great with a suit or jeans, your choice.

Second on the list are the Morris washed boots in tan. These are going to see you through those damp spring months and those cooler days. Again, versatile enough to work well with jeans or a suit.

Going a little casual now we have the Freeman weave in tan. While I wouldn’t put these with a suit I think they work really well with the tweed trousers. This look will take you through spring and you can then dump the tweed and stick on some shorts for the summer!

Last on the list is a statement shoe if ever there was one! These babies are the Genesis in red suede. Not an understated shoe, these are for the more daring amongst us and are sure to get you noticed. If you like the shoe but not the colour, they’re also available in grey, sage and even white!




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