Get Shorty

Craig of That Dapper Chap puts together 3 looks from 3 very different pairs of shorts from Jacamo

Every guys knows how to wear your standard denim shorts, chuck on an old T Shirt and some trainers and your done. And we all have those slouchy jogging shorts like we sling on for chilling out in front of the TV. But what about a smarter look with shorts? What about red shorts? Or white? How would you wear patterned shorts? Well, have no fear That Dapper Chap and Jacamo is here to help

LOOK 1 – The White Shorts

A lot of guys think that white or stone coloured shorts are difficult to wear. Do you team them with a plain white shirt? Can you wear a darker colour on top? And if so what shoes do you wear?

Well, below I’ve chosen a light blue floral shirt, perfectly summery, and it elevates the shorts and gives them a much more refined look than you would achieve if you were to simply add a white shirt or T shirt. Jacamo have a wealth of shirts available, take a look, there’s bound to be something you like there.

Adding the classic brogues and a straw trilby creates a very British look. Add a bag for your phone and wallets etc and you’re all set for that summer picnic.

Stone coloured Black Label Stone linen shorts £28.00

Blue Black Label floral jacquard shirt £30.00 

Woodland leather satchel £203.00

Williams and Brown straw hat £7.00

Trustyle brown brogue shoes 45.00

Look 2 – The patterned shorts

Patterned shorts are easily avoidable because there aren’t many examples of patterned tailored shorts out there. Embrace pattern but make it the focal point of your look, and keep everything else simple. 

Adding a patterned shirt will just make you look like you’ve been at the dressing up box, so I’ve chosen a classic white Grandad shirt, white trainers and a grey cap to maintain a relaxed and less formal look.

Joe Browns funky paisley shorts £35.00

White Black Label Grandad shirt £30.00

Grey Label J Snapback cap £15.00

Woodland black leather messenger bag £44.00

White Vans Atwood lace up casual shoes £50.00

Look 3 – The Red Shorts

Red! urgghhhh, what do you team with red shorts? Easier to just to walk away right, and choose the navy option! Unlike patterned shorts you can go ahead and team them with a patterned shirt, but make sure that within the pattern there is a colour that matches or compliments the colour of the shorts. This floral shirts is just the ticket.

With the sunglasses, brogues and bag all carrying the same red brown hue, it will create a very cohesive look and will be smart enough for the office. Just avoid socks!

Red Williams & Brown Chino shorts £25.00

French Connection long sleeved floral shirt £50.00

Woodland leather cross body messenger bag £116.00

Trustyle leather brogues £45.00

French Connection sunglasses £47.00

So, if you want to take the plunge and move away from denim, navy or basic shorts and want to inject a bit more personality into your look, go for something a bit different. When you do, please post a picture on social media and tag That Dapper Chap and Jacamo to get noticed!




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