My Day Filming With Base London Shoes

Craig of That Dapper Chap shares his experience filming a series of six viral ads for Base London Shoes and shows us the outtakes and bloopers


Arriving at Liverpool Street station with two suitcases full of clothing I had no idea what I was letting myself in for! After buying a great pair of oxblood lace ups from Base London Shoes, I posted a picture to Instagram, the next thing I know I’m standing in my underwear on a london rooftop ready to film a series of 6 viral ads.

Standing in my underwear on a London rooftop, What has my life come to?

As the smell from the Nando’s below us wafted up, Steve from Base London introduced me to the range of shoes that we would be using for the shoot. The aim was to highlight each pair and then style them with various outfits in a fun way, showing guys like you and I ‘What Works’ which quickly became the hashtag for the campaign.

The Base London shoes, all lined up and ready to shoot

Setting up and getting all of the outfits ready to film

A popular (and a great shoe in my opinion) is the black Woburn Hi Shine brogue so we started with those. It took me a while to fully get to grips with the required movements and the quick changes between the shots, but you can see for yourself how it turned out below.

The Woburn Hi Shine shoes in black

Mr Nicky Cook Creative Director at Blazing Raisin UK

As Nicky Cook, Creative Director at Blazing Raisin shouted direction and did his thing, clothing was thrown at me from all directions. Standing in one pose until Nicky captured the clothing at the right height and the right angle was tough and each 15 second video took between 30 minutes and an hour to shoot, so it wasn’t as snappy as the video makes it look. That’s all down to Nicky’s superb editing.

Filming underway as London looms in the background
A still taken during filming

The Durham Weave tan shoes

As the coffee’s kept coming and Nando’s filled our bellies, filming continued. Not everything went perfectly and we had a few laughs and a few swear words along the way! I asked Nicky if he’d be able to put together some out takes and bloopers for you, which he kindly did. Enjoy! 

“And Never”……………………

The Faraday brogues in white

The Bordo Woburn Hi Shine Brogues

The black Woburn Hi Shine Brogues

So, I hope that the video’s offer you some inspiration when it comes to styling up your Base London shoes. Let me know what you think and feel free to leave a message for me or the guys at Base or Blazing Raisin below, and we’ll get back to you “NICE”!






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