I #FOUNDIT at Debenhams!

Craig joins Debenhams on their #FoundIt campaign and wears one of this seasons party outfits from Hammond & Co

So, the party season is well and truly upon us! it’s the time to be a dapper dresser and get into that Christmas spirit and that Christmas outfit! As always I chose to go just a little more formal than some other gents out there, and went for items from the Hammond & Co range, opting for some velvet. 

What else says Christmas more than a tartan velvet waistcoat right?

Over the waistcoat I added another sumptuous and luxurious layer of velvet with this navy blazer. To keep it crisp and clean I chose a double cuff long sleeved white fine twill shirt. The shirt comes with its own cuff links but you can always add something a bit more special if you prefer.

As you know I’m a fan of fancy neckwear so I had to get this mustard bow tie as a contrast to the navy and green colour scheme. It also adds a touch of christmassy gold into the mix. 

This bow tie is a mix between a self tie and a pre-tied tie. It comes pre tied but has a clip at the back so those that are a little less inclined to tie their own won’t need to worry, and those purists can tie and untie to their hearts desire!

It might be warm while you’re sipping that mulled wine and dancing the night away but it may be a bit chilly when you leave the party at 3am with a bauble hanging off your ear and a lipstick stained collar. So, bring a blazer! This navy blazer ticks all the boxes. It’s slim fit and smart enough to wear to any event. It also has a great lining.

If you want to look the part at the party get yourself some slipper loafers. The suede on this pair compliments the velvet of the waistcoat and blazer and are very on trend. You can wear them with this look with or without socks. I opted for a thin fabric knee high italian sock as these slippers are new and I didn’t want to get blisters while throwing my shapes on the dance floor!

These skinny fit green teal trousers continue the colour story and compliment the green in the tartan waistcoat. It also makes the look a little different by adding a distinct colour which can sometimes be missing from formal wear. They have added formality with black satin piping on the back pockets which is a nice touch.

I hope this article has inspired some of you to go for something a bit more adventurous this year. It’s Christmas after all. If you can’t wear tartan and velvet now, when on earth can you!?


Hammond & Co Tartan Velvet Waistcoat

Hammond & Co long sleeved, double cuff fine twill shirt

Hammond & Co Mustard Bow Tie

Black Italian Knee High Socks by Cal’Zineri

Green Team Skinny Fit Trousers by Next

‘Eton Square’ Black Suede Slipper Loafers by Dapper England

Thanks for taking a look and Merry Christmas!


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