What I Wore Today #33 Primark Outfit

Craig of That Dapper Chap show of his latest look, created entirely from the range available from Primark

I know what some people are like, they will turn up their noses at low cost menswear, with comments about poor quality and other elitist remarks. My view is that style is how the pieces are put together and not what they cost. A person can spend thousands of pounds on an outfit and look like a dogs dinner. They’re happy of course, as they’re dripping in designer names, would I know that, or care? No. I’d simply know that they looked a complete mess!

I’m an average guy, just like you. I have bills to pay a car to keep on the road, a mortgage and mouths to feed. I can’t afford to spend £3,000 on a suit and I’m not even sure I’d want to. Having grown up in my Brothers hand-me-downs and less than expensive clothing, I’ve learned that it really isn’t what you wear (or ‘who’ you wear) it’s the choices you make and how you wear it. This post is testament to that, and I honestly believe I’ve created a high end look on a low cost budget.

I’d seen this pale blue summer blazer in my local Primark store and really wanted it, so on payday I went in and bought it. They had three left in stock and luckily one was in my size. It was a sign! 

Now, what else would I get to go with it? I’d been looking for some stone coloured chinos for a while and saw these, thinking they would team well with the blazer for a really summery look. I tried them on in store, they fitted really well but were way to long for me. A sewing machine and 30 minutes later, and they were the perfect length. 

This was the first time that I’d altered my own trousers and I think I did a pretty good job! It’s certainly given me the confidence to do it again. These chinos were inexpensive enough that I thought if I did it wrong I could just buy another pair.

The loafers, slim fit shirt, floral tie, invisible socks, belt and pocket square are also from Primark, as are the sunglasses. The lapel pin is my own as are the bracelets, watch, tie clip and briefcase. 

Overall I think this look is a win, particularly when you look at the cost. I know that there are implications associated with low cost clothing, but one thing I can tell you is that Primark are taking the quality of their clothing and its design very seriously. Speaking recently to their new menswear designer; Marcus at a recent event, his passion for quality and style was clear, and I hope that I’ve done him proud with this summer look.

Where It’s All From

Brown Leather Effect Loafers: Primark – £12.00

White Invisible Socks (5 pack): £4.00

Stone Chinos: Primark – £8.00

Leather Effect Belt: Primark – £4.00

White, Easy Iron Slim Fit Shirt: Primark: £5.00

Pale Blue Floral Tie: Primark – £2.00

Pale Blue Summer Blazer: Primark: 35.00

Bicycle Print Pocket Square: Primark – £1.50

Sunglasses: Primark – £2.00

Watch: AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane – £280

White Rose Lapel Pin – Home Made

Bead Bracelets: Home Made

Brown Leather Briefcase: RJR by John Rocha At Debenhams



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