T for Tall – The new collection from Ted Baker

That Dapper Chap introduces a new range of stylish clothing for the less height restricted among, us by leading menswear brand Ted Baker.

Being of a ‘non tall’ height I’ve never had to concern myself with the trials and tribulations that gentlemen of height face on a regular basis. Being ever so slightly vertically challenged (I blame my 5’3″ Mother) I am able to walk into any man’s clothing store and grab any item off the shelf knowing that it’ll fit. Okay, sometimes I get my trousers taken up if my leg length isn’t available, but generally I don’t have a problem.

But what if I were a more lanky lad? Would I have to walk around in trousers that finish above my socks, baring an inch of hairy calf to all and sundry? Would my sleeves show a bit too much wrist, giving me an ‘ape-like’ appearance? And would my jackets show off a bit too much butt?

I know that a lot of taller guys have had this issue. Yes, you can go to stores that cater for taller guys but can you honestly say that the stuff they stock is stylish enough for you? I’ve seen some pretty basic stuff for the more heighty among us. Not nice! Every guy should be able to buy the same cool styles as us regular height guys. Take Ted Baker for example, we all know their beautiful suits and patterned shirts, but what a pain if you’re too tall for their regular sizes! Worry no more, as Ted has sorted it for you!

This February saw the official launch for Ted Baker’s unique collection tailored to the taller gentlemen of 6’3″- 6’6″, ‘T for Tall’. Ted Baker has teamed up with ambassador Mark Foster, Britain’s most successful all-time swimmer, in a humourous video presenting the latest collection:

The LUBBOCK Textured Blazer £285
The stunning lining of the LUBBOCK Textured Blazer

The TACOMA Printed Floral Shirt £105
The Beautiful details of the TACOMA Printed Floral Shirt

The ATLANTA Merino V-Neck Sweater £95

The HIALEAH Herringbone Blazer £285
A close up of the details of the HIALEAH Herring Blazer

So if any of these styles have caught your eye and you’re fed up of swanning around with a breeze around your uncovered ankles, take a look at the range. I’ve always been able to shop at Ted Baker but now the more lofty among us can too! It’s the ‘height of style’. Get it? See what I did there?

See the entire collection here



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