Barbour Celebrate 120 Fantastic Years

That Dapper Chap takes us on a tour of British heritage brand Barbour and joins in with their 120 year celebrations.


A Heritage Brand

With three Royal Warrants under its belt and Brand Ambassadors such as Lord James Percy, The Household Cavalry Polo Team and the E. J. Churchill Shooting range, Barbour is a British institution with an incredible heritage.

While they sell a wide range of clothing and accessories for men, women and children, and now offer over 2,000 products, they are best known for their waxed jackets. So well-known in fact that more frequently than not, any waxed jacket is referred to as a ‘Barbour’ jacket regardless of who made it. When your name acts as a cover all for an entire product, you know you’ve made your mark.

The History of Barbour

Founded in 1894 in South Shields in the UK, Barbour still make new jackets at their factory and also repair existing ones. They handle an incredible 100,000 jackets every year, with all work still being completed by hand.

With 11 of its own stores across the UK, Barbour also sell their products via other well-known stores and some smaller boutiques. The larger stores include Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Harrods in the UK and Bloomingdales and Saks in the USA.

Celebrating 120 years

With 120 years of unrivalled success behind them Barbour rightly feel that now is the time to look back and share some of their heritage with a new generation, and in turn I’d like to share it with you. Pour yourself a cup of Earl Grey, grab a Garibaldi and enjoy the videos below.

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