An Evening With Shaun Gordon Tie maker

That Dapper Chap takes us to an evening with master tie maker Shaun Gordon who launches his latest collection of limited edition ties

Shaun Gordon | Not Your Average Tie Maker

A portrait of Shaun for the collection by Bart Pajak

About Shaun Gordon

Shaun Gordon is a striking character and after seeing images of him on Instagram I was an instant fan. After graduating from The London College of Fashion in 2004, he focussed his attentions on design and has work with some great brands including Henri Lloyd and Timberland. 

I was therefore very pleased to receive an invitation to attend an evening in London to view his new collection of unique ties. Not only was I treated to the new collection but Shoeshine UK was there to shine the guests shoes but the Pall Mall Barbers were also in attendance to give out complimentary certificates for haircuts.

That Dapper Chap and The Tie maker

Aside from designing his own collections, Shaun has also consulted on bespoke products for Knightsbridge tailor Edward Sexton, and his own self-named brand has continued to grow alongside the demand for British-made luxury goods, and is sold in Savile Row by world-renowned bespoke tailor Steven Hitchcock.

Guests arrive at Breese Little to meet the man himself
Myself and a dapper Michael aka TinTinfellow

The Collection

Arriving at the venue I was immediately met by another avid Instagrammer, tintinfellow (above), who I have had a virtual friendship with since I set up my Instagram account two years ago, and it was great to finally meet him and the other incredibly interesting people at the event.

More of Shauns exceptional ties
The ‘Ernest‘ £98.00
Photography by Bart Pajak

The collection of limited edition ties

Shaun arrived just the fashionably amount of late, and was nothing less than absolutely charming a perfectly attired. He took his time and showed us around the collection. 

I asked Shaun what the inspiration was behind this new collection, as he sipped on a tumbler of Jura Whisky (a sponsor of the event) he told me: “This collection is about appreciating individuality and each persons own unique style and personality. I wanted to create a range, which reflects this in a personal way to myself. Therefore, I selected fabrics in the UK which triggered memories of personal experiences”

He continues “Once the fabric is transformed into a tie, the memory is captured and each tie now has it’s own story to tell. These stories reflect the individuality that each person can bring to the same piece through an expression of their own style”

Shaun, greeting his guests

Tom of The Jaunty Flaneur and Instagrams TinTinFellow

The stylish and fashionable turn
out to see the collection

He goes on to say “To capture the concept further, I developed new labels which documents the number of ties made from a particular fabric. Such as “No.3 of 5″ hand written, which goes hand in hand with the tie being hand made. This will also remind the wearer that they are wearing a limited edition tie”

I asked Shaun which his favourite piece is from the new collection “Thats a tough one” he says “I think it would have to be the Hamilton tie because of the memory I have of being ten years old playing leaves fights with my friends at school and I love the colour too”

A selection of the limited edition handmade ties

The ‘Hamilton‘ £98.00
Shauns personal favourite
The ‘Oscar‘ £98.00
Photography by Bart Pajak

As the wine and Jura Whisky flowed and guests made approving noises while they stroked the lovingly displayed ties, Shaun told me “Living in a highly judgemental world, the expression of individual style shows courage, but also gives the chance for those brave enough to be heard above the noise of the masses”  This is something I am passionate about too and I wholeheartedly agree with Shaun and his outlook on self expression.

Myself, Mikhail of La Bowtique and Mr Gordon

The ‘Ernest‘ tie. £98.0
My personal favorite
and the largest edition of 12 pieces

The ‘Elroy‘ £98.00
Photography by Bark Pajak

More of Shauns unique collection
The ‘Harold‘ £98.00

Guests enjoy a whisky and a chat while browsing the collection


I can’t deny that I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, meeting people that I’d only ever seen before in a one dimensional image in an instagram post on my iPad, and of course meeting Shaun and seeing his new collection. 

I’m a fan of the collection, not only because of the fact that the ties are handmade with each quality fabric being personally chosen by Shaun, but because of what the collection represents and the

recognition of the individual. It’s the nod to the gentleman who wants something different, who isnt afraid to stand out and share his unique style with the rest of the world. This is what fashion is all about for me and it’s clear that Shaun feels the same.

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