The ‘No Shave’ Rave

That Dapper Chap looks at the current trend for beautiful beards and marvellous moustaches

Instagram men of facial hair: Messers Hall, Doyok, Millington and Huxley

November has become the hairest month for men with more and more gents taking part in the Movember challenge to raise money for great causes such as testicular cancer, prostate cancer and mental health. 

Funding 832 programmes across 21 countries the Movember event has become a significant global campaign and one that should not be sniffed at, albeit through a luxuriously manicured moustache.

There’s no escaping it, beards are sexy and they are back in a big BIG way. It seems the bigger the beard the weaker the fairer sex become at the knees. Perhaps its the increased essence of masculinity that exudes from the follicles or perhaps it’s that ladies have become bored with the super smooth Essex boy look, all coiffed and clean shaven and hanker for a rougher and tougher aesthetic.

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Instagram thecollegechef9 sporting a wonderful example

The history of facial hair

But what goes around come around and beards are by no way a new invention. London based writer and Art Historian Lucinda Hawksley has recently released a book in conjunction with the National Portrait gallery which charts the history of facial furniture from caveman times to present day.  All cavemen had beards right? Maybe not! As she explores the possibility of their shaving routines! 

Moustaches Whiskers & Beards available
at Amazon for £10

Her book features many great images of men with beards and moustaches from gods and ancient Egyptian Pharaohs through Kings and actors to the modern day and the uniquely bearded Conchita Wurst. Along the way we hear of an Austrian man who was killed by his own beard and Henry VIII beard tax!

A taste of some of the hairy delights available in the book

Its an interesting read and it explores many avenues of this phenomenon and answers a lot of questions while providing many a fact and talking point for the pub!

One of my own ancestors Sidney Manning sporting a wonderful moustache

Five tips for caring for your facial hair

Due to the increasing abundance of well covered chins and top lips, mens grooming brands have met the demands of men looking for ways to trim, tame and temper their hairy offering. There are now numerous shampoos, oils and waxes on the market and here we look at some tips and products for good beard care:

  • Keep clean – Keep your beard and moustache clean in the same way you would your hair and use a mild shampoo regularly.

Beardsley Ultra Shampoo for Beards Wild Berry
Beardsley Ultra shampoo £18 from The Beard Emporium
  • Keep trim – Unless you want to look like one of ZZ Top, invest in a good multi aspect trimmer or a pair of barbers scissors. Alternatively have your facial hair trimmed regularly by your barber.
  • The Remington Mens trimmer and grooming kit £68.99 at Amazon
  • Keep it combed – Get yourself a wide tooth comb and use this every day to remove tangles and to assist with trimming
  • The GB Kent beard and moustache comb available from Amazon at £5.15
  • Keep moisturised – After you have washed and trimmed, oil or moisturise your beard to keep it soft and pliable. Your partner will thank you for it. It will also prevent beard dandruff.
Penhaligons Beard Oil £45 House Of  Fraser

Murdock London Beard Moisturiser £24
House of Fraser
  • Keep it tamed – Adding a tab of wax to your moustache and/or beard will enable you to give it shape in the same way as you may apply wax to and style your hair.
Captain Fawcets Moustache Wax
£9 at Carter & Bond London



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