Break up the suit

I’ve written a couple of articles about how to wear a suit and split up the various elements, showing you how to wear them with different items to achieve as many different looks as possible. Doing this  makes your suit more versatile. Today’s look shows that I do practice what I preach.

The trousers are a simple pair of navy chinos but the blazer is part of a wool three piece suit that I decided to wear. I’ve already worn the full suit this week but thought nothing of taking and wearing the jacket and nobody commented that it was the same jacket as the look is totally different.

I went with a bit of a red and blue theme and you can see that I used accessories to create a cohesive look. The nato watch strap, club tie and patterned socks all retain the colour story.

In addition to the watch strap, tie and socks I wore coloured bracelets, pocket square and an apple lapel pin to complete the look. The button down denim shirt making for a less formal but still smart look.

The braces may surprise you as they are a hybrid of new and vintage. They were a gift from a well known brand after I attended their recent press day but they had clip ends which I am really not a fan off. So, I rooted through my collection of vintage braces and found a pair which were a bit tatty. I removed the leather ends and swapped them over to the new pair, disposing of the clips I the process.

Black Leather Tassle Loafers: Monk

Socks: Topman

Chinos: Next

Denim Shirt: Topman

Club Tie: Butler & Webb

Leather Briefcase: Vacation purchase

Lapel Pin: Home Made

Watch: Timex

Bracelets: Home Made

Pocket Square: eBay 

Braces: Next



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