Autumn leaves

At last! The summer has finally said it’s fair well and allowed those chilly mornings and cold evenings to grace us with their prescience. I know! I shouldn’t wish for cold weather but it gives me such a great opportunity to layer up and pull out those wool blazers that I’ve been wanting to wear, not to mention, hats, scarves and gloves!

Just because it’s the weekend it doesn’t automatically mean you need to dress down! Why wouldn’t you wear a tweed blazer and a bow tie on a Saturday to pop into town to buy a new SIM card? That’s what I did, yes some people looked at me as if I was off to a winter wedding while others gave admiring glances.

With the leather side zipped boots I added a pair of dark plum cordoury trousers and a blue chambray shirt. As the trousers are a little on the big side I opted for braces rather than a belt to continue that vintage heritage feel.

The brown herringbone blazer and bow tie are a good match and give a very autumn feel with the robust wool fabrics in brown tones. It was somewhat chilly when I left the comfort and warmth of my home so as I left I reached for my new burgundy scarf.

I accessories with one of my own range of lapel pins and a spotted pocket square. Nothing too much as I felt the outfit had enough going on without unwanted adornments that could make it look cluttered and more like I’d had fun in the dressing up box! 

Where is it all from?

Brown leather boots: River Island

Fairisle socks: ASOS

Cordoury trousers: Next

Chambray shirt: Primark

Brown herringbone blazer: Primark

Brown herringbone bow tie: Primark

Pocket square: EBay

Lapel pin: home made

Glasses: Specsavers

Scarf: Next

Braces: Next



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