Suit: High End, Mid Range or Budget?

That Dapper Chap shows us his three piece suit and asks if you can tell if it is a high end suit, a mid range one or a budget bargain. Can you tell?

I bought this wool mix suit last year after seeing it in a shop on London’s Oxford Street. As soon as I saw it I fell in love with it and after a quick financial assessment I bought it. I did debate not buying the waistcoat as I only just had enough money on me to get it but opted in the end for all three pieces. 

What I’d like you to do, if I may be so bold, is to look at the pictures and read on while thinking how much you would consider paying for this suit. I’ll let you know at the end of the piece.

Okay, so the wool content at just 10% isn’t very high but it’s enough to give it a bit of a bulk and helps make it a much warmer and heavier suit than it would have been without it. On first inspection the fabric looks like a tweed and everyone refers to it as my “tweed suit” when I wear it.

It isn’t an elaborate suit, it doesn’t have fancy lining or intricate pockets but simple patch pockets. The trousers are half lined to stop you getting itchy thighs from the wool content and having the waistcoat means I can add that extra layer in colder weather or leave the jacket behind when its warmer but still look smart.

I teamed the shirt with a retro style shirt which is covered in embroidered diamonds. The bow tie is an original vintage clip on from the 50’s. With the classic styling I pulled out my tan leather brogues and threw on some fairisle socks.

For accessories I chose a few gold coloured bracelets to tie in with the tan of the brogues and my vintage gold watch. The leaf lapel pin and orange pocket square complete the look.

So, you’ve seen the pictures, you’ve read my description and where I bought it from. How much would you pay? Did I spend £60, £300 or £900? 

Drum roll please……………….

I spent £59!

Yes! This three piece cost me just £30 for the jacket, £17 for the trousers and £12 for the waistcoat. It came from Primark and is part of their range by Butler and Webb.  Did you guess right?

Suit: Primark

Fairisle Socks: Next

Leather Brogues: Burton Menswear

Shirt: ASOS

Bow Tie: Esty

Pocket Square: Ebay

Lapel Pin: Home made

Briefcase: John Rocha

Wallet: Kjøre Project

Bracelets: Various sources



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