Product Review – The Kjøre iPhone Wallet

That Dapper Chap opens the doors to leather crafters The Kjøre Project and reviews the best selling leather iPhone Case Wallet.

One of Kjore Projects leather bags

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There is nothing that speaks quality
more than a finely handcrafted leather accessory so I was pleased when I was
contacted by Luca at The Kjøre Project to discuss his products.

Who are Kjøre Project?

Initially focussing on footwear, its
been fifty years since the business began. As always things evolve and now a small
group of the design team have founded kjøre
project, creating a new line of accessories in a Nordic
style, using the softest leather.

The phone/cards clutch wallet €65

The different colours available in the phone/cards clutch wallet €65

Kjøre project strives to create modern products
that respect the past. All the styles in the heritage collection are designed
and built just as they were fifty, sixty and even over eighty years ago and are
all made using premium leather and are totally handcrafted.

The Kjøre Project iPad case €65-€85

A well crafted leather key chain €30

The leather survey backpack €349

The Leather

Kjøre Project only use the finest quality leather from New Zealand and Europe. Their tanning process is slow and depends on the skill and artistry of
the tanners. It is the careful attention of these artisans and their refusal to
compromise on materials which achieves such beautiful results.

The quality starts with the tanning process

Their handling and nurturing of the leather means that it doesn’t peel
or crack and develops its own patina, changing gradually in appearance and
taking on and individual character.

The patina builds on a year old product making it truly unique

The scars, scratches, veins and wrinkles that give each piece in the
collection makes it unique. Minor imperfections are not covered or removed as the guys at Kjøre Project feel this adds character and retains the natural
integrity of the material.

The Workshop

The crafts people at Kjøre Project have access to all the machinery they
may need at the leather factory but choose to make each piece by hand. In an
age when items are manufactured in bulk overseas at little cost and little
attention to detail this is a real selling point.

A nod to the past and  the Kjøre heritage with this vintage sewing machine
Quality products being created by hand+

The Product Review

This product review focusses solely on the leather phone/card clutch wallet.

My new favorite item


While Kjøre Project produce a number of products from wallets, Ipad cases, bags and great accessories for the avid cyclist this product review is all about the phone/cards clutch wallet.

Made in Italy from top quality leather the items is entirely hand made which gives it a uniqueness that other products miss. It has 4 pockets on the front to hold your phone and cards and a sturdy zip which opens one long and one short side which gives ample access to your notes, coins and whatever else you may wish to store in it.

My wallet, easy to use and comfortable in the hand

With the largest version (suitable for the iPhone 6) measuring 15x9cm its a sensibly sized item which you can hold or just as easily place in your bag.

The sturdy top quality zip

The zip is metal and very firm so the company have added a handy thumb hold to use when opening it which is a great little detail.


At €65 (£51) for the large phone/cards clutch wallet, these items are not cheap. They are at gift level so if you’re a guy like me on a budget put one on your Christmas list.

Don’t forget that this is all handmade high quality leather so you do get what you pay for.

Ready for whatever the day holds

Packaging & Presentation

The wallet arrived quickly and was packed in its own little dust bag and then popped into a Jiffy bag. At €65 it would have been nice to have a gift box too as it would have added to that quality feel and I think Kjøre may have missed a trick here.

The white printed dust bag


This is a nice little item. It feels great in the hand and the leather is very soft and tactile. Its does exactly what it is intended to do with simple design and great quality materials.

I was initially worried that if I was walking with the wallet in my hand that my phone may slip out and give me that embarrassing ‘my-phone-has-just-smashed-into-a-million-pieces-on-the-floor’ moment but it is perfectly cosy in its little pocket and even when I tipped it upside down and shook it, it didn’t fall out.

The Limited Edition Ostritch Leather Wallet €79


Okay, these are not the most macho of items, if you’re a guy who works on a construction site and drinks a fill of beer at lunchtime over a cheese sandwich, this may not be for you.

It is a very European concept for guys to hold a wallet in the same way a lady may hold a clutch bag. Guys in the UK and US are slowly coming around to this new, a-sexual, approach to carrying your daily items. Outside of France or Italy you may get a strange look or comment every now and again but if you want to be a Shepherd rather than the sheep do it, its time for change.

The limited edition Deer skin wallet €129

Pro’s & Con’s

Neat, small and well made and nice to the touch the iPhone/cards clutch wallet is a nice little product.

The only thing I would change is to include a gift box as it is a higher-end product and I would expect one, particularly as these items make great gifts.

The clutch wallet in Buffalo leather €60


This is a new item to most people in the UK and their initial thoughts were that they didn’t understand the concept. Once I explained and showed them how to use it they came around to the idea and made some very complimentary comments.

They liked the feel or the wallet and the softness of the leather. They also commented of the quality and felt this was very high.


Overall I like the item, it’s very handy, well made and very practical. The colour range and different types of leather give a good choice to the buyer.

Kjøre fan and blogger Nicola Radano of Me, Myself & I with his laptop case

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  1. October 11, 2014 / 7:35 am

    Nice write-up. 2015 will see an upsurge of men owning man-clutches imo. This being a nice example. Tired leather is a great look and the concept and craftsmanship is wonderful. That survey backpack is a beaut!

    • October 15, 2014 / 5:52 pm

      Hi Raj,

      Thank you so much for your comments. I couldnt agree more!

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