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That Dapper Chap introduces the winners of the October #ThatDapperChap style contest who take advantage of some great goodies from Kjøre Project.

This month we teamed up with the stylish guys at the Kjøre Project, makers of fine leather men’s accessories. Take a look at my full article on them HERE

The first prize, handmade leather iPhone and card wallet

Your Winner – Evan

We love Evan’s slightly quirky style, he’s not afraid to try something different and is happy to stand out from the crowd which is an admirable trait.

Evan wins a smashing wallet of his choice from Kjø

I asked Evan who inspires him and he told me “I have several style inspirations: the first is a Los Angeles artist and “taste-maker” named Igael Gurin-Malous ( We used to teach together at the same school in San Francisco. I was going through a challenging time in my life, and I found some comfort through taking my mind of the “big picture” and focusing on details. What colors go with what? What fabrics go with what? What rules can be bent and what rules can be broken? He was endlessly patient and yet encouraging” 

He goes on to say “He will forever be my mentor in anything style related, and when I do StyleUps for others (interviewing men about their relationship to style, shopping with them and assisting them in assembling a great, updated look), I try to channel Iggy” Click HERE to see his styleups. 

Who else inspires Evan? “The second is Thom Browne, who both designs for his own label and for the Black Fleece label with Brooks Brothers. Brooks Brothers sometimes reminds me of stodgy old bankers’ clothes, but Black Fleece draws from vintage styles, twisted with a bold, edgy aesthetic. I find it thrilling, actually thrilling to wear”

“The Last is my grandfather. My parents (dapper folks, themselves) had these photos of Gramps around the house, which probably first planted the idea that that’s what a gentleman does: he puts on a good kit when he goes out. (Legend has it that when he was a young man, he painted the wheels of his car purple ‘because the ladies liked it’)

I asked Evan to describe his style “My style has evolved a lot in the last few years, and I owe a lot of that to my girlfriend, Gabi Moskowitz ( She’s encouraged me to stretch my own creativity and think about style as being about identity and not just about cloth. I just turned 40, and exploring style in times of transition makes a lot of sense. It makes a new beginning meaningful, marks change and even celebrates it” 

“These days, I enjoy putting together an outfit with high notes (Thom Browne, again), but with a little bit of cheeky attitude: something that says I take style seriously, but I don’t take mySELF too seriously. A great bow tie, a pair of Chuck Taylor Converse, mashing up patterns: I want it to look great, and I want it to be fun to wear”

“My goal is to put a smile on others’ faces, and maybe inspire people to try something new and fresh for themselves, as well. Style isn’t just for fashionistos, it’s for everyone. I was thrilled, this year, when a few of my male students wanted my advice for suits for prom. Skip the expensive, awful tux rental and invest in a well tailored dark suit – that will serve for many years. And a great tie, of course”

“I explore the ways that Style and Self cooperate in, and when people contact me and share what their own discoveries are, I feel like we’re talking in code: this is all about evolving into our most fantastic selves”

Where does Evan get all of his clobber? “I started with a lot of mail order, since I was shy in stores, years ago. Now, my favorite place to shop is any used clothing store, since the hunt is most of the fun” 

What does style mean to Evan? “Style is about Self Expression, and it’s the first thing that people learn about you when you walk into the room. Why not dress in a way that says something great about who you are? Why not dress in a way that turns a meal at a restaurant into a special occasion, which turns going to work into an aesthetic adventure? I find great joy in these things, and this is what inspires me to write – to share the joy of it with my clients and my readers”

Find Evan on Instagram as @stylefordorks

Blog: StyleForDorks

Twitter: @stylefordorks


Your Runner Up – Justin

 We chose Justin because he isn’t afraid to wear a hat and a hat is one thing that can take a look to the next level. Without it a look may be considered ordinary. Add a hat and its something else. Justin clearly knows this and dons a ‘titfa’ on a regular basis.

Justin wins a 20% discount at Kjø

We asked Justin about his blog “I launched my men’s style blog, originally titled “Way-Out Style” but recently changed to “Man Wears Hats”, in January 2014. My only goals were to showcase my personal style and provide men with tips and encouragement to experiment with their own. As far as my style, I like to compile both classic and modern elements into my looks”

“I also enjoy being able to switch my style up and take risks.  I may go from a smart, dapper look one day to an urban, street look the next.  I feel that adds a level of versatility.  And of course, a hat is always my go-to item”

Where does Justin get his inspiration? “I draw inspiration from just about anywhere.  I utilize colors, films, music and everyday people.  As a blogger, I am also inspired and fully support other bloggers.  They introduce me to new places to shop all the time.  With me being a college student, it’s nice finding nice quality products at affordable prices” 

Where do you shop? “Some of my favorite places to shop at the moment are Gap, Asos, H&M, Forever 21 (21 Men), Uniqlo, American Eagle, and J. Crew”


Blog: manwearshats


Facebook: justin.tucker.10420


Your Runner Up – Raymond

A dapper gent, Raymond is an Instagram regular, sharing his daily look and style inspiration. He is also a fan of a bow tie, which in turn makes me a fan of him.

Raymond wins a 20% discount at kjø

I asked Raymond to tell me a little about himself. “My name is Raymond, I am a father and husband who likes to create dapper looks on a budget. I define my style as a vintage modern mix. I enjoy finding a vintage look and modernize it but also like to take a modern piece and add a vintage feel to it”

Where do you shop? “I shop local thrift shops and shop the mall clearance racks for great deals and great styles that I can create on my own. I like a mix of stylish celebs like pharrell Williams, David Beckham with a the Latin fire of Pitbull”

Where does your inspiration come from? “I like to keep my look fresh never the same and I always seek new inspiration from instagram. I started my page putting looks together and taking professional pictures to showcase my style and concept photoshoots”

“I have modelled for some companies on instagram and have loved creating great shoots and letting others see how easy it to dress dapper without breaking the bank account, I encourage people to share their style using #iamonpoint and I like to help others feel that they can be ‘on point’ with their style on a budget”

Find raymond on Instagram as @Reycreate


Thank you once again to everyone that took the time to enter and if you were not lucky this time, make sure you keep entering and come back next month for more exciting prizes!

Thanks for reading!


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