The retro print shirt

That Dapper Chap shows us todays look and talk about style influences from previous decades.

Today’s look started with this retro print shirt. Not only is the print retro with it’s red and navy blue elliptical, interwoven pattern but the entire design is retro. Inspired directly by the 1970s it’s a great modern shirt with that vintage edge.

You’ll see immediately that the collar is larger than those that we’re seeing from the majority of shirts on the market. When the collar is laid flat you can see that it spreads slightly too to create more of a point at the tips, something that is classically 1970s and conjures images of bearded, long haired gents in flares and sandals and with a guitar slung over their shoulder.

Is it me or have the last few years opened up the doors to a variety of styles which cover many decades of style, but taking the best of the cuts, patterns and shapes from each and making them ‘now’. We’ve seen a huge amount of 80s inspired clothing but none of the voluminous and illuminous vulgarities that graced the streets in 1984. We’re seeing heritage styles that give a gentlemanly nod to the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s but without the harsh, thick and itchy fabrics that they used back in the day. And even though the 90s are still fresh in some of our memories, some styles from that-no-so-far-away decade are creeping back too.

One company that is offering the best mix of the decades, that I have found, is Next. In their current collection they’re offering urban styles with 90s influences, 70s print shirts, like the one I’m wearing today along with thin knit buttoned and collared sweaters, 80s influenced sweaters in block patterns and wool suits and collarless grandad shirts just like those worn by our forefathers while shovelling coal in the 20s.

So whatever decade you may favor, take the best of what it had to offer in a new way. You don’t have to go the whole hog and add those cordoury flares and platform shoes with your 70s print shirt. Just team it with modern items as I have, like this skinny fit blazer and chinos. It could be argued that the blazer is 60s style and that the chinos are 50s or 80s, as they were big in both eras, but whatever mix of items you wear, it doesn’t matter so long as you are wearing it well and make it your own.

Black leather kilted tassle loafers: Monk

Baton Rouge unmatched socks: Oybo

Navy slim fit chinos: Next

Retro print shirt: Next

Navy skinny fit textured blazer: Topman

Burgundy knitted tie: Next

Ties clip: vintage via eBay

Burgundy paisley pocket square: Primark

Black leather briefcase: holiday purchase in Tunisia

Lapel pins: home made

Bracelets: home made



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