And The Winners Are….

That Dapper Chap introduces us to the winners of August #ThatDapperChap Instagram contest

The August #ThatDapperChap Instagram contest was another huge success with another 300 entries from all over the globe. After scouring the entries we chose 2 deserving winners who both with a great prize package from

The first prize, tie, bow tie and pocket square

Second prize is a tie and bow tie

Your Winner – Joel

We chose Joel because of his understated dapper style, frequently attired in a bow tie and, a fan of a waistcoat we loved the way he puts his daily looks together in a functional but stylish way.

Joel told me “I am a graduate student in education at Harvard university. I was a teacher for years and have tried to move the typical ‘teacher style’ out of its rigid, and often boring rut” 

We asked Joel to tell us about his style “My style is  inspired by blue collar uniforms. I appreciate the utilitarian nature of the style and those that wear it. I am honored to have won the contest, especially with the impressive entries”

Looking dapper in his bow tie and with his leather briefcase

A well fitted suit and checked waistcoat gets top marks for the teacher

Making the dapper look modern by wearing a practical denim jacket

Looking smart in an off white blazer

Madmen style, suited and booted

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Your Runner Up – Elijah

Elijah is a 19 year old chap from Atlanta Georgia and is another supporter of the bow tie!

Attending school at Savannah State University he is currently a student but in the future he hopes to have a job in the fashion industry. 

We asked Elijah to sum up his style “My style can be dapper, urban & preppy at the same time. My style is very diverse. Most people look at their style from a designer & cost of the clothes point of view. To me it isn’t about who designed it or how much it costs. It’s all about how you make it look. Someone’s outfit could cost $5,000 and it can still be unappealing. When I put on a outfit, it’s usually planned days ahead. I brainstorm & deeply think about every outfit I wear. Your style defines who you are without you telling people. People will judge you just from your appearance. It isn’t fair but that’s life. Because of that, I dress how I want to be addressed”

The belt and braces approach

Check mate: dressing up jeans in a long sleeved shirt and tie

Playing with colours in a blue shirt and orange chinos

On trend: rolled up chinos and loafers

The right amount of prep

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Thank you to Joel and Elijah for taking part in the contest and once again a huge thank you to Southern gents for supplying a fantastic array of prizes. Check out their website at for a great range of mens accessories.

And dont forget to enter next month for more great prizes!



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