Feel the teal

Following yesterday’s need for tweed and the ensuing warmth that left me panting like a dog after a run on the beach in the noon sun, I decided for a more appropriate outfit today. 

In this weather you can’t go wrong with natural cotton and both the shirt and chinos are made from said fabric.

Being a little tired after being up until the early hours working on a new and exciting project (watch this space) I needed a sugar hit today and opted for Spelly Jellyies! While incredibly tempting to spell out four letter expletives, I refrained and spelled ‘watch’ I did intend to spell ‘Timex’ but there was no ‘X’! But I definitely saw ‘F’ ‘C’ ‘U’ and ‘K’ so if I was wearing French Connection UK we’d have been okay! 😉. I also noted a ‘C’ ‘U’……..okay I’m going to stop now! Such fun!

Shoes: Topman

Socks: Topman

Chinos: Next

Shirt: Topman

Navy knitted Tie: Next

Tie Clip: vintage via EBay 

Cardigan: Primark

Watch: Timex with Nato band

Bracelets: various, some hand made

Briefcase: vacation purchase

Sunglasses: Frank Tailor

Spelly Jellies: Haribo😉



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