Two Date Night Looks from Jack Wills

Craig shows two looks from Jack Wills suitable for date night.

Established in 1999, Jack Wills have taken their place on the high street and in our wardrobes. With their British heritage style they offer a great range of every day clothing. You’re not going to find suiting or too much smart wear here, as the clothing they offer is more suited to a relaxed weekend style. But after that Valentines card that you received, it’s time to make that call and set up your first date! And I’m here to help you with this sponsored post, showing you a couple of Jack Wills looks.

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The New Bentley Fragrance

Craig attends the launch party of the new Bentley Momentum Unlimited fragrance

Bentley have been making fragrances for men for a good few years now and each one gets progressively better than the last. Bentley Momentum Unlimited is the latest edition and the brother of Bentley Momentum, released last year. 

So, with champagne in hand it was time to sample this latest edition. Created from some of the finest ingredients by world renowned scent designer Michel Almairac, the fragrance captures the essence of Bentley Motorcars and continues that unending desire for quality. View Post

Denim From Primark

Craig takes a trip to Primark to take a look at their range of denim and puts a look together from the latest range in stores.

One of the things that I aim to do with my blog is share all sorts of styles, for all sorts of budgets and inspire those of different views to try something different or try a different store when shopping for a new look. As we know, Primark is a low cost fashion store that offers a huge range of up to date clothing for the fashion conscious on a budget. This casual look has all been chosen from the very latest selection in stores right now.

Every guy needs jeans. Primark’s current range has a huge selection of denim in a wide range of styles, colours and cuts. From straight leg to super stretch skinny and from the darkest black to the palest faded blue. Some are plain, others are ripped or faded, so there’s something there to suit all styles. View Post