The Ben Sherman Style Challenge. Pt 3 – Casual

Craig of That Dapper Chap styles three looks from the Ben Sherman AW15 range. This casual look is the last in the series.

The casual look from Ben Sherman as styled by me

I was really pleased to be contacted by Ben Sherman as asked if I’d like to put together three looks from their Autumn Winter 2015 range. As a fan of the brand, of course I was going to jump at the chance!

I have gone for three distinctly different styles, one smart, one smart casual and the last one casual, just so I can show you the range of clothing that they offer.

This shoot by Ian Clark was shot in Waterloo train station,London,to keep in with the Ben Sherman ‘London Calling‘ campaign.

Look 3 – Casual

For this last look, I took a different stance and went for a less formal look. I know that I could have gone very casual and opted for a T-shirt and trainers, but that’s not really me and this is generally what I refer to as ‘casual’ Some will argue that the shoes are definitely not casual and I totally get that  but overall this look has a casual and much more relaxed feel than the last two looks that you can find HERE and HERE 

Ben Sherman: Big on the button up collar

The duffle coat a great classic coat for autumn winter

As soon as I saw this shirt I had to have it. I’m a huge supporter of the patterned shirt and I love red and blue together so his was a perfect choice for me. Of course I had to wear it buttoned up as it simply wouldn’t be Ben Sherman is I didn’t!

The lining for the Ben Sherman Duffle coat

The full casual look from Ben Sherman

These smart slim fit jeans in an all over dark wash maintain a cohesive palette and keep things relaxed. The wool duffle coat is going to keep you warm on those chilly days that sit waiting for us just around the corner. I love the lining of the coat in it’s traditional Ben Sherman mod check. 

Keeping that collar buttoned

The double monk strap shoes and paisley socks

Double monk strap shoes are big right now and in a tan leather these are perfect for this look. They are comfortable and stylish and will compliment a lot of looks over this season. To add some colour I donned a red paisley sock, again paisley being a very mod pattern which fits well with the Ben Sherman brand.

Keeping things urban with this graffiti back drop 

A closer look at the pattern on the shirt

Ready for the cooler weather in the navy duffle coat

Great fitting denim from Ben Sherman

The Ben Sherman double zip commuter bag

More wall art near London’s Waterloo Station

The collar on the navy wool duffle coat

Every outfit needs a good watch

Add a blazer and a tie to make the look instantly smarter

The red and blue printed pattern

Details of the Ben Sherman Duffle coar

Rolling up your jeans to show of your socks is very on trend

heading towards winter

Inside the Ben Sherman double monk strap shoes

A final look at this casual ensemble from Ben Sherman

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series. Feel free to add a comment below to let me know what you think of the three looks that I Chose and If you like the suit, just keep checking online or in store as it’s going to be available any day.

Where It’s All From

Tan Leather Double Monk Strap Shoes: Ben Sherman

Red Paisley Socks: Polo Ralph Lauren

Slim Fit Jeans: Ben Sherman

Black Belt: Primark

Red & Blue Printed Shirt: Ben Sherman

Navy Duffle Coat: Ben Sherman

Leather Bag: Ben Sherman

Watch: AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane


Win a Ben Sherman shirt

Your chance to enter and win a shirt from Ben Sherman, an iconic British brand.

Want to win a Ben Sherman shirt? All you have to do is watch the video below to get inspired to button up. When you’ve done that take a picture of your own button up style, follow a couple of simple steps and upload it! Simple right? so what are you waiting for? Get snapping.

Via Instagram

1. Follow @aheritageofmodernism on Instagram (Ben Sherman’s handle)

2. Upload a photo & tag @aheritageofmodernism

3. Hashtag #buttonup & #thatdapperchap

4. Answer the question ‘Why do you button up?’




Button Up with Ben Sherman

That Dapper Chap introduces the Ben Sherman button up campaign and gives an insight into the history of this iconic brand.

That Dapper Chap buttons up

Founded in 1963 by brighton born Arthur Benjamin Sugarman,the man described as ‘always embracing the new and the different’; someone constantly searching for the best of things’ his first shirt factory was set up in his home town after a stint in the US where he picked up a wife who just happened to be the Daughter of a Californian clothing producer. 

Following a few very successful years Sugarman now named Ben Sherman, sold the business and moved to Australia, a few changes and a few years later and here we are today celebrating 50 years of trading and reintroducing the #buttonup style

2013 saw Ben Sherman reach the ripe old age of 50 and as with any milestone it was to be celebrated. What they did was go back to their roots and re-issue some great heritage designs including paisleys and florals giving a respectful nod to their past and sharing their culture and legacy with an entirely new generation. A generation that missed the sixties, seventies and even the eighties, all decades that Ben Sherman has walked through, head held high, sticking to their look and their values while all the time carving themselves a well formed niche and establishing themselves an an iconic British brand.

My new umbrella print Ben Sherman shirt £75

Me, buttoned up in my own Ben Sherman umbrella print shirt

I’ve worn the button up style for a while. Just because you’re not wearing a tie it doesn’t automatically mean that your top button has to be undone. Maybe its just a British thing, I don’t know, but what I do know is that it makes you stand out from the crowd as a person who knows their own style and has the confidence to show it.

The ‘Button Up’ campaign is a clear recognition of their roots and harks back to a past era, an era of cool, of London mods, Carnaby Street and the global rise of British fashion.


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