Saturday, 13 February 2016

What I Wore Today #45

Craig of That Dapper Chap shares his daily look. Today he sports purple chinos and floral tie

Today was a kind of purple day. You know, one of those days when you just need a firm injection of colour. Dump the grey and embrace something a little more solid and interesting. So, from feet up, it's all about colour with this look.

Okay, the satchel isn't purple but the hues work well with this look

The dark purple blazer is an interesting alternative

Time to cheer up the grey days with some colour

The floral tie brings temptations of Spring

Accessories are bold with this tiger eye bracelet

A less formal look but still suitable for the office

The vintage tie clip and pocket square keep things dapper

A colourful but not 'in your face' ensemble

Hare today, gone tomorrow. The lapel pin reaches for Spring

A closer look at the pocket square

Don't be afraid of using colour in your outfits

The star pattern socks add personality

The trouser chain is a great accessory to bring in some individuality

Where It's All From

Oxblood leather Brogues - Racing Green
Purple start Socks - Peper Harow
Purple Chinos - Next
100% Textured Cotton Slim Fit Shirt - Primark
Slim Floral Tie - Next
Dark Burgundy Blazer - Racing Green
Oxblood Multi Pocket Batchel - The Cambridge Satchel Company
Beaded Trouser Chain - Home Made
Pocket Square - Ebay
Brown Elasticated Belt - Brydon Brothers
Hare Lapel Pin - Ebay
'Vadhi' Tiger Eye Bead Bracelet with gold Buddha - Chandra
Hawker Hurricane Watch - AVI-8 Watches

Thanks for stopping by!:)

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