What I Wore Today – The Hammond & Co Three Piece Suit

That Dapper Chap shares his daily look, this time he wears a navy three piece suit from Hammond & Co

The three piece ‘Chiltern’ suit by Hammond & Co at Debenhams

A few posts ago(HERE)I showed you a jacket and waistcoat from the Hammond & Co range from Debenhams by designer and business man Patrick Grant. After some deliberation (all of five seconds worth) I decided to go ahead and buy the matching trousers so that I had the entire three piece suit.

My suit grid flat lay as seen on my Instagram page

As my office was doing a ‘wear it blue’ charity day and my home down football team were competing in a local derby I decided to go all out blue. Pale blue shirt and bow tie, blue suede brogues and even an entirely blue watch.

The look without the suit jacket

The suit is a great fit and I haven’t had to get any aspect of it adjusted. Hammond & Co are good in that they not only produce great quality clothing for us regular sized blokes but they also do the same range in a ‘big & tall’ option so the more heighty among us can look just as dapper! A little bit of me is jealous that they get to be tall and smart looking I have to say, it doesn’t seem fair! But there it is!

A closer look at the floral bow tie

As it was ‘Bow Tie Tuesday’ I wore this beauty, a little gift from an Instagram friend from overseas. he clearly knows my style well as it was the perfect gift! He also send me a beautiful tie pin which I’ll show off in a future post. 

The daily walk to work

Keep it fun by adding some interesting socks

The three Hammond & Co three piece suit 

The blue faced watch, keeping the ‘blue’ theme going

Extreme close up of the pattern on the bow tie

A close up of my lapel pin and pocket square

Wristwear helps add interest and personality

Now you see me, now you don’t


Blue Suede Brogues: Savile Row W1

Blue Polka Dot Socks: Rock My Socks

Navy ‘Chiltern’ Three Piece Suit: Hammond & Co at Debenhams

Pale Blue Shirt: H&M

Floral Jacquard Bow Tie: Fine & Dandy

‘Jetstream’ Leather Strap Watch: Harding Watches

Bracelets: home made

Blue silk Pocket Square: Bruno Magli



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