Saturday, 28 March 2015

The Denim Jeans Style Challenge - Look Three

That Dapper Chap shares the third look in the denim style challenge, creating five very different looks from just two pairs of jeans.

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Welcome back again to this denim jean style challenge, and part three in the series where I am creating five distinct styles with just two pairs of jeans from If you haven't already read the details of the challenge or the very interesting denim survey results by Burton Menswear, find it HERE

All photography by the very talented Ian Clark of PhotoByIan, check out his other work HERE

The two pairs of jeans from that I used for the challenge

Look Three - Total Chill

I tend to wear jeans at the weekend. Yes, I will sometimes wear a smart pair for work with a shirt and tie but if I want to just chill out and listen to some music, it's a sloppy pair of jeans and my favorite T-Shirt. I just stick on my headphones, crank up the volume and it's the sofa for me, feet up, eyes closed and nodding to the beat.

The full look. Ripped jeans are a style departure for That Dapper Chap!

Rocking to the beats in my favorite T-Shirt

For the chilled rocky look, I chose the rip repair jeans, available HERE from for £45.00 and pulled on some navy and white striped socks and some white pumps, keeping the look very relaxed. 

On top I chose my favorite T-Shirt, designed by a good friend of mine in the US. It's an original design, printed on to triblend fabric, combining cotton, rayon and polyester making it incredibly soft. Enquiries about this T-Shirt and forthcoming designs to

Mirror aviators add to the rocky look

In addition to the T-Shirt I chose a grey bomber jacket and some mirror aviators. This look will see you at the pub, a lunch with friends or just running around doing chores. It's comfortable and relaxed, just like the jeans themselves.

A closer look at the bomber jacket

Keeping things chilled in my favorite T-Shirt

The white pumps and striped socks
The navy and white striped socks

A closer look at the rips and repairs

The incredibly comfortable East Side, West Side T-Shirt

Ready for running around or simply chilling out


All photography by Ian Clark. Check out his work at HERE
Find him on Twitter HERE
Find him on Instagram HERE

The Details

Rip Repair Denim Jeans - Next £45.00
White Pumps - Next £25.00
East Side, West Side T-Shirt - Grey Cardigan £17.00
Charcoal Bomber Jacket - Next £65.00
Navy & White striped Socks - Rock My Socks £8.00
Mirror Aviators - Next £13.00
Headphones - Itek £15.00

Thanks for checking back. Look out for part four in this denim jean style challenge series where I'll show you a look that's perfect for date night.


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Denim Jean Style Challenge - Look Two

That Dapper Chap shares the second look in the denim style challenge, creating five looks from just two pairs of jeans.

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Hello again, welcome back to the second installment of the Next denim jeans style challenge. If you haven't already read the details of the challenge or the very interesting denim survey results by Burton Menswear, find it HERE

All photography by the very talented Ian Clark of PhotoByIan, check out his other work HERE

The two pairs of jeans from that I used for the challenge

Look 2 - Preppy Afternoon

For this very preppy look I again chose the smart jeans which can be found HERE. Available from for £35.00.

Working from the ground up we have some white pumps, sockless of course with a roll on the hem of the trousers, perfect for the warmer spring days that should just be around the corner!

Its back to college with this very preppy look

Plain white pumps with no socks, perfect for the coming weather

The shirt is a pale blue poplin shirt with button down collar, again keeping it really preppy and very Ralph Lauren. Over that I've added a red cardigan with a grey trim, keeping is slightly unbuttoned for a relaxed feel. The bow tie adds some formality and the watch continues the preppiness. 

I also added a navy blazer with a grey trim, to keep out the spring breeze and some glasses, a great bag and a book or two for that intellectual look.

The glasses, bag and books help create that preppy image

The right accessories continue the theme

All 'prepped' and ready to go

This cool belt adds a bit more interest and is a very preppy addition

The lobster bow tie is a great nautical touch

The full look. Preppy style with the Next smart jeans


All photography by Ian Clark. Check out his work at HERE
Find him on Twitter HERE
Find him on Instagram HERE

The Outfit

White Toe Cap Pumps - Next £25.00
Dark Raw Jeans - Next £35.00
Pale Blue Poplin Shirt - Next £20.00
Cardigan - Primark £10.00
Lobster Bow Tie - Paul Hewitt £35.00
Blazer - River Island
Brown Croc Briefcase - Antoni Manuel £250.00
Silk Tie Belt - CNYTTAN £54.00
Red Jasper Bracelet - Parvenu London £29.50
Glasses - Specsavers £60.00

I hope you've enjoyed part two of this five part series. Check back again for part three where I'll share a look that most people would never expect to see That Dapper Chap wearing! Even a dapper chap has to chill sometimes!


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Win A Great Pair Of Chinos Courtesy Of The Daily Co

That Dapper Chap gives readers a chance to win a great new pair of chinos courtesy of The Daily Co

Yours truly wearing my own Daily Co chinos

True Fit.

The Daily Co. has taken a modern approach to the classic chino, perfecting the fit through clean lines and impeccable tailoring. Their 9oz custom twill pant is easy to wear any-day, every-day. 

Available in an array of colours I can testify to their claim of a great fit!

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The Giveaway

The Daily Co online shop opens in just a few weeks! In the mean time, here's some perks and a competition: Theres a 25% discount and a chance to win your very own pair!

Just pop over to my Instagram page HERE and follow the instructions that you'll find when you see that photograph at the top of this post.


The Denim Jeans Style Challenge - Look One

That Dapper Chap shares the first look in the denim style challenge, creating five looks from just two pairs of jeans.

This is a sponsored post of honest and unbiased opinion

Hi, thanks for checking back in for the first installment of the Next denim jeans style challenge. If you haven't already read the details of the challenge or the very interesting denim survey results by Burton Menswear, find it HERE

All photography by the very talented Ian Clark of PhotoByIan, check out his other work HERE

The two pairs of jeans from that I used for the challenge

Look One - The Heritage Worker

The first look is a relaxed formal look. Being at the more formal end I opted for the smarter jeans which can be found HERE at £35.00.

With the vintage style grandad collar shirt and tweed waistcoat the look has a very heritage feel. The boots continue the theme and the trouser chain conjures images of a factory worker with his bunch of keys hanging from his waistband.

Change this look up by wearing a collared shirt and a tie.

A relaxed but more formal look

A close up of the denim and the trouser chain and watch

Relaxed but still smart enough for the workplace

Black leather brogue boot increase the formality of the look

The trouser chain, adding interest and depth to the outfit

Enjoying a cup of tea and a much needed break

A closer look at the waistcoat and shirt

The slim leg of the jeans keeps them neat


All photography by Ian Clark. Check out his work at HERE
Find him on Twitter HERE
Find him on Instagram HERE

The Outfit

Black Brogue Boots - Lucini £75.00
Trouser Chain - Ebay
Watch - James McCabe Heritage £179.00

Check back for the second part in this five part series where I'll show you a more preppy look.


Sunday, 22 March 2015

Denim Do's and Denim Don'ts

That Dapper Chap takes a look at denim jeans, shares some interesting survey results and tells us about his denim style challenge.

With jeans being the one item worn by every man across the world on a regular basis the industry is huge. But, do you want a boot cut, a slim leg or a super skinny? And once you've chosen your shape, what about having them in stone wash, raw denim or ink, maybe even overdyed in red, oh, and do you want then ripped, faded or block colour?. The choice is endless.

Smart or ripped? So many styles to choose from. Both pairs by Next

The Jeans Survey

Menswear brand Burton have revealed that 66% of men feel that wearing denim to work is more acceptable now than it was 5 years ago. Once seen as unprofessional and sloppy, office denim has been given a big thumbs up by the men of the nation. London leads the way in office denim style with 78% of men regularly wearing denim to work. The lads up north aren't far behind with 54% being frequent office denim wearers. 

If you want to be part of the growing trend then you'll need to keep it smart. A dark colour wash in a slim leg was voted by 73% of men as the most office appropriate denim trend, and what I would personally recommend. Black jeans would be great too and 41% of men voted black denim as the trend that can be worn at any age. But again, keep it slim leg and block colour.

“A style savvy man can definitely look smart and professional in denim, it’s about getting the fit and the colour right. Go for slim cuts in darker colours and avoid anything too skinny, wide legged or faded” says Jonathan Lovett, Head of Design at Burton. The number one denim nightmare was double denim, voted by 41% of men as a trend that never should be worn. Super skinny came in at number two with 38% listing it as their top ‘denim don’t’.

The Burton Menswear Survey Results are very interesting

Top Denim Don'ts: 

  1. Double denim
  2. Super skinny
  3. High waisted
  4. Ripped denim
  5. Denim brights

Finally, Burton asked their 1,000 British guys who their best and worst celebrity denim wearers were. Here’s what they said: 

Top three celebrity denim wearers: 

  1. David Beckham
  2. Justin Timberlake
  3. Ryan Gosling
Messers Beckham, Timberlake and Gosling, top denim wearers

Top three worst celebrity denim wearers:

  1. Joey Essex
  2. Kanye West
  3. Christiano Ronaldo
Messers Essex, West and Ronaldo show how not to do denim

Denim at Burton Menswear

The Burton SS15 denim range is available now at stores nationwide and from start from £20 and go up to £40 for premium selvedge denim 

Special offers currently available from Burton menswear

The Styling Challenge

So, you've seen the survey results and chosen a pair of jeans in the fit and colour you want. Now what? what do you team with your jeans to stop you looking like a Kardashian Husband or a half-wit from the most terrible program on British television?

Fear not! That Dapper Chap is on hand to give you some guidance. Over the next few days I shall show you five different looks with just two pairs of jeans from The looks will take you from an afternoon chilling with your music, to the pub, through the preppy look to date night.

The two pairs of jeans that I used for this challenge, both by Next

The style challenge Jeans 

The first pair of jeans are a 'rip repair' style which we're seeing much more of creeping back onto our high streets. This idea is that they look like your favorite, well-loved jeans that you have almost work to death. These are from Next and cost £45. They are 100% cotton and available in straight or slim fit and they have a zip fly. Find them HERE

The Rip Repair denim jeans. £45.00 from Next

The second pair are a 'smart' denim, block colour and without rips or fading. These are priced at £35.00 and are made from 99% cotton and 1% Lycra. The description online says they have a zip fly, they don't, it's a button fly. They are available in straight, slim and skinny fits. Find them HERE

The Smart Dark Raw Jeans, £35.00 from Next

So, please pop back tomorrow for the first installment of the denim jeans style challenge where I'll show you first of five very different looks that you can easily mirror with a few simply additions or changes to your wardrobe.

*Survey conducted by Gorkana Surveys. 1,000 men aged 18-39 were interviewed online on 29th January and 9th February 2015.


Sunday, 15 March 2015

Product Review - Rock My Socks

That Dapper Chap takes us through a full review of some of the colourful and wondrous socks from the new range available from Rock My Socks


While Rock My Socks was launched in 2013, it was just last year (2014) that I became aware of the brand. I'd seen their cool and funky styles on Instagram and after some mutual appreciation we chatted and soon after I was wearing their socks and posting my own Instagram pictures!

Me wearing my blue houndstooth socks £8.00

Based in Victoria, Australia, the guys at Rock My Socks say "Rocks My Socks is about great designs and quirky patterns, created to add a touch of colour to your life and brighten up the foot at a time."

Airing my new Rock My Socks designs

They go on to say "Rock My Socks lets you express a shade of your individuality with a hint of colour peaking out from that subtle space between shoe and trouser. Or for the bolder and braver among us roll up your slacks, turn up your jeans, or pair off with your shorts and blast electric hues to the universe.
But what inspires them to create such funky footwear? "We’re inspired by new ideas and new challenges, let us inspire your style. Join the fight against boring and add a little creativity to your wardrobe today with mens socks from Rock My Socks."
Make a statement in these purple and red stripe socks £8.00

While based in Australia, Rock My Socks opened a UK website in February 2015 and will no doubt look to expand on this later in the year. They tell me "This is the first step in our expansion into overseas markets, after a great response both locally and overseas to our Australian website over the first 12 months of the Rock My Socks brand’s launch. We have launched the UK and US sites so that we can tailor content, seasonal offerings and promotions (such as father’s day) to different countries at the relevant times of the year, and sell our product in the local currency and ship to these destinations faster." 

You can buy your socks online now at They are currently still shipping from Australia but that will change in March/April 2015, as they will have local distributors in the US and UK so that customers receive their orders as quickly as possible.

Made in Korea, the socks have a high cotton content of up to 80% with the majority of pairs being 80% cotton and 20% nylon. Others have 70% cotton, 25% polyester and 5% elastane.

As for sizes, its a 'one size fits all' approach with all socks available in EUR 41 - 46, UK 7.5 - 11.5 and US 8 - 12.

Green and white spot £8.00


The price is very reasonable and on a par with other brands offering funky designs like those offered by Rock My Socks. Each pair is £8.00 or $15.00 AUD

Aqua and white spot £8.00

Packaging & Presentation

My socks arrive quickly considering they are came from Australia and each pair were sealed in their own cellophane bag to protect them on their journey. 

Each pair, neatly sealed in an individual bag

Each pair of socks is held together with a card tag which is held in place with a single stitch. On the tag, along with the brand name are the washing instructions and materials used along with details of where the product is made. You'll also find the website here too. Pretty much everything you need. 

The packaging isn't flashy, it's functional. This isn't a high end product so the packaging doesn't need to be any more elaborate than it is.

The card tag with information on both sides


Just as I expected they would, they socks fitted well and were very comfortable. With the brushed cotton for comfort and warmth, and the elastane for stretch and fit.

They washed well and didn't shrink at all.


Every gentleman should have a couple of patterned socks in their collection. Rock My Socks offer a really good range of colours and styles. There will most definitely be a style that you like and can wear.

Pink Chevron Socks £8.00
The classic navy and white spot socks £8.00

Pro’s & Con’s

What do you need from a pair of socks? You want them to fit well. Check! You want them to look good. Check! And you want them to wash well and last for a decent amount of time. Check!

I've struggled to find an improvement that I might suggest to make the product better. I can honestly say that I have nothing to offer! They're a great product, at a good price, and they do exactly what you want from a pair of socks!

Another good thing is the free shipping to US and UK customers who buy three or more pairs! What are you waiting for?


The team liked the socks. I received three blue pairs, two of which were polka dot and one striped pair which do not show off the super designs that they also offer. So, when I showed them other designed available on line, they were really excited.

The three pairs of sock I received from Rock My Socks

They thought the quality was very good and that the packaging did what it was intended for. They would happily buy these socks. There were somewhat perturbed by the fact that they had to come all the way from Australia but when I explained that they will shortly be shipping directly within the UK, they were impressed.


Overall, I think that Rock My Socks do what they do very well. They offer a great range of styles and colours. You'll find something more sedate if that's what you're looking for, or something more eye catching if that's your thing.

Either way, there will be a pair that takes your fancy. Made well from good materials and well packaged. What more could you want?

Just remember that when you get your's make sure that you post a picture to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and use the hashtag #RockMySocks.