Thursday, 30 July 2015

M&S Menswear: White Soled Shoes

White soled shoes are set to be a key trend this Autumn and M&S menswear has a great selection of styles to ensure you can incorporate the trend into your wardrobe. 

The traditional M&S Collection felt top wedge boots are ideal for the autumn months. Alternatively for a smarter take on the trend choose the Autograph suede wedge brogues in navy, perfect for a more sophisticated look. 

For a more sports luxe feel choose the Autograph leather slip-on trainers, the contrasting black leather on the white sole creates the ideal day to night shoe.

M&S Collection Felt Top Wedge Boot
T03 2638 £69
Autograph Suede Wedge Brogue
T03 6855 £145

M&S Collection Grey Leather Lace Up
T032784 £59.00

M&S Collection Suede Lace Up Derbys
T032791 £59.00

All styles will be available to buy in selected stores and online.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

What I Wore Today #31

That Dapper Chap shares todays look, wearing a shirt and blazer from Boden

I've loved Boden menswear for a few years now and have amassed quite a few pieces from their range, mostly knitted ties and patterned shirts, which I have to say are exceptional. When I speak of Boden, most people are aware that they do womenswear but not many know that they also do a great range for us blokes. 

They did used to have the mens range in their little catalogues, which I looked forward to getting each season, but for whatever reason they decided to do away with it, and focus their range of menswear purely online. So, I thought I'd bring it to your attention with today's look.

As soon as I saw this blazer online I knew I had to have it. luckily I got it just before it sold out, so if you wanted to grab one, I'm afraid you're out of luck. The large check pink gingham shirt is also Boden and is made from a thick cotton. It fits really well but I did buy a size smaller than I would have from another store, as I know that Boden can be large on me. I also went a size down on the blazer, and I'm pleased that I did as I think my real size would have been far too big.

This is quite a summery look, but in true British summer fashion it poured down with rain on the day that I wore it. I had planned to go sockless but the weather dictated that socks were a must. Luckily I had a pair almost the same colour as the blazer!

I wore jeans with the shirt and blazer, slim fit and dark in colour. They're the same jeans that I wore for the 'Date Night' look in the jeans style challenge blog post. They're a real favourite of mine now and I wear them a lot.

I accessorised with a pink lapel pin and pocket square to compliment the pink of the shirt, one of my trusty trouser chains, again in a complimentary colourway, and finally some pink and green bracelets just to help pull it all together. I love this look but I just wish the weather would have been more suited to its summer styling.

Where it's all from

Burgundy loafers: Next
Green Socks: Racing Green
Smart Jeans: Next
Pink Gingham Shirt: Boden
Green Blazer: Boden
Watch: Harding
Briefcase: John Rocha
Lapel Pin: Home Made
Pocket Square: Southern Gents
Trouser Chain: Home Made
Bracelets: Home Made
Umbrella: Vintage Fox
Glasses: Specsavers

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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Chap Chat - The Perfect Cravat

Craig of That Dapper Chap answers a question from blog reader David 

The Email


Hope all is well, and I , as an occasional follower of your blog, wondered if you had thoughts here?

I have recently bought a burgundy velvet jacket, and am differing over:

A) which shirt would work better, and B) which cravat would then fit:

1) White shirt

2) Medium grey paisley shirt 

If grey, would attached look good? If white, would attached work?

Could I get away with the golden cravat and a grey paisley?

Much appreciated



The Reply

Well Dave, thank you for your email. A quandary indeed! Of course I do not know exactly what your burgundy velvet blazer looks like and its exact colour. Not a huge issue as whatever slight difference it may have to the one I've chosen below I'm pretty confident that my assessment would remain the same.

Burgundy Velvet Blazer by Alexander Dobell

So, looking at the above, a simply styled, slim fit burgundy blazer with two button fastening, already paired with a white shirt. Below are the two cravats (available from Cravat Club) that Dave is considering. One dark grey and another patterned in gold and burgundy.

The NERO cravat £95 from Cravat Club
the BRAEDEN cravat £95 from Cravat Club

My immediate thought is that the Braeden cravat will work really well. The gold adds that touch of luxury, burst of colour and interest. It contrasts with the burgundy of the blazer, but also compliments it as it has the burgundy pattern which will pull it together. It's a less 'sedate' look and will get you noticed.

I'd definitely stick with the plain white shirt too but again this is based on me now knowing what your grey paisley shirt looks like. 

Having said that I've chosen a grey paisley shirt below by Simon Carter, available online and from his stores. You could easily team this shirt with the dark grey Nero cravat for a very classic look and it would work well under the blazer, but I'd be tempted to wear a navy or black velvet blazer with this particular shirt and cravat to keep the colour families consistent, but it would work.

Grey Paisley Shirt by Simon Carter

One thing I am sure about is that I wouldn't wear the Braeden cravat with the paisley shirt. There would be too much of a colour and pattern clash for me for it to work cohesively.

So, I hope that answers your question and that you're now able to make a choice and wear it with confidence. Whatever you choose, please let me know and post a picture to Instagram!

All the best



What I Wore Today #30

That Dapper Chap shows us what Craig wore today, including a bright blue waistcoat and trousers and a summer floral shirt.

Todays looks is all blue, well, apart from the black leather loafers that is. I do own a pair for blue suede brogues which I'm sure you've seen in other posts but I think this look called for a more formal shoe so it had to be the black loafers. Maybe I need to invest in some blue leather brogues. There were a great pair in Next but unfortunately they are no longer available in my size. Sad times.

All of todays clothing is from Next. The shirt I've had for a while and the trousers and waistcoat were purchased last year. Again I wasn't able to get the matching jacket in my size which is a pain but is does mean that I can wear the trousers and waistcoat together in the summer or in cooler weather under a cardigan or coat which is fine by me.

I was recently sent some new socks by Cal'Zineri who are an Italian brand who make a range for luxury cotton and wool socks for the professional gentleman. They offer a range of knee high black socks of different thicknesses, suitable for all seasons. Today's socks are Firenze which are perfectly suited to the summer season.

Accessories include a new handmade trouser chain, my blue Harding watch and a polka dot tie, which adds some additional interest against the floral pattern of the shirt.

Where it's all from

Black Leather Loafers: Next
Bright Blue Trousers & Waistcoat: Next (Similar here)
Floral Cotton Shirt: Next (similar here)
Blue Leather Watch: Harding
Polka Dot Tie: Primark
Black Cotton Socks: Cal'Zineri
Blue Beaded Trouser Chain: Home Made

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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Chester Barrie at London Collections: Men

That Dapper Chap takes us through the SS16 collection from Savile Rows Chester Barrie as part of London Collections: Men 

Rocking up at the recently refurbished Ivy restaurant, one of London's most sought after eateries, frequented by the rich and famous, I was excited to see what Chester Barrie had been working on for SS16.

The Chester Barrie Spring/Summer 2016 collection has modern luxury at its very heart. Designed with the modern yet elegant man in mind, it brings Savile Row style to a wider audience.

Highlights include rare and beautiful cloths such as baby alpaca with kid mohair and a seersucker in super 150s wool blended with silk; but the key to the collection is the use of colour. A summer palette of ink blue, soft pink, jade and stone off-set the more classic blues and greys. 


At the core of the collection are weekend sportcoats, realised in blends of linen, silk, mohair and wool with textured finishes and embracing the season’s palette, they are available in both structured and unstructured models. Ideal for every occasion.

Beyond the jacket is the modern business suit. Constructed in a variety of clear-cut wools for freshness and it is offered in glen checks, windowpane birdseyes and bold stripes, complementing the more conservative solid twills, fine herringbones and semi-plain twist weaves.

Meanwhile the luxury travel suit comes in a high-twist lightweight worsted and is softly structured, with minimal lining for comfort and performance.

Evening suits are presented in bright navy, midnight blue and black as well as a considered revival of the classic tuxedo in a proper English cream and in a textured blend of wool, silk and linen. Wider, rounded shawl-lapels are complemented with curved, turn-back cuffs on the sleeves.

Shirts are in voile, linen/cotton oxford, madras check and a new fine-gauge giro inglese and are shown in a range of collar shapes from the extreme cutaway to the rounded pin-collar. Other key under-pinning pieces include cotton/linen polo shirts in stone, aqua, midnight and cream.

About Chester Barrie - Tailors of the Unexpected:

Chester Barrie is the ultimate Modern Tailor, taking established forms and developing them; creating the unexpected. The tailor’s art is to take a piece of cloth and create a three-dimensional form, to bring it to life so that it sculpts and flatters the wearer. 

Chester Barrie’s aim is to do this, not just with the standard suit and jacket but also with a broader product range. It mixes the craftsmanship and knowledge gained over the past 80 years with a contemporary eye. 

Innovation has always been its way. Established in the 1930s Chester Barrie was one of the first to offer ready-to-wear tailoring, providing the same attention to detail and commitment to quality as the old bespoke houses on Savile Row but making great tailoring more accessible. At the time it was revolutionary. 

This belief in the best continues to this day – though much else has moved on. The way men dress has changed dramatically and so too has Chester Barrie. Lighter fabrics, innovative blends and a far softer structure have ushered in a more relaxed form of dressing, which Chester Barrie has embraced and developed. The aim is to be the modern tailor to the modern man.