Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Six Looks With A Three Piece Suit

That Dapper Chap looks at ways to keep your three piece suit fresh by styling it differently to achieve different looks.

Suits available from

You needed a suit right?. You read my suit buying guide on and after trying a few on you bought the one that fits and looks the best. You now have a three piece suit! Congratulations! 

Monday morning arrives and you proudly wear your new suit to the office and receive some admiring glances and even a couple of complimentary comments. The problem now is, that suit you just paid £200, £500 or £1,000 for will never get that same reception again.

So, how do you keep it fresh, how do you retain peoples interest and make it something else and stop yourself from becoming that dull guy in the office who always wear that same suit?

Suit, Shirt and boots from

Change up your three piece suit

The suit that that I am focussing on is by Next, it is a heritage style 100% wool suit in a brown check and is perfect for the coming months. Priced at £195 for all three pieces its a great suit for the cost.

Bright red lining catches the eye

A close up of the check pattern

Of course the best way to wear a three piece suit is as a three piece suit, nothing is smarter and it gives you an immediately cohesive and smart look which will see you through most occasions. 

Wear it with a tie to work or even a bow tie on #bowtietuesday or that autumn wedding or maybe you just fancy sporting a heritage look as I am in the shot below.

A dapper three piece look with a vintage bow tie

Add lapel pins and a pocket square for personality and interest.
Just because you bought it as a three piece suit it doesn't means you have to wear it as such. There's no law, you won't get arrested and there are much bigger and way more fun crimes to commit! 

Feel free to lose the waistcoat if its a warmer day and simply wear the jacket and trousers. This look is still formal but not quite so formal as wearing all three pieces together. Its a slightly more relaxed look and lets you show off your tie which you could use as an opportunity to show a bit of your personality and introduce a strong colour or pattern. But please promise me that you will NOT wear a tie with a picture or Homer Simpson or any cartoon character splashed across it for that matter. I love Daffy Duck and his speed induced crazed antics but I dont want to see him on your tie!

The Next suit sans la waistcoat, burgundy leather boots and knitted tie also by Next

Burgundy and brown make a great colour combination for the Autumn months

If you fancy a change to a tie or bow tie why not consider a neckerchief or a cravat. With the vintage movement getting wider its an option that will make you stand out from the crowd and give that suit another alternative look. 

Another way to change things up is to opt for something different below the waist. I'm not talking a sex change here! I'm not saying you shouldn't if you want to as I'm all for people being who they want to be, I'm just suggesting a less dramatic change with an alternative pair of trousers. You can easily get away with wearing the jacket and waistcoat with smart jeans and chinos as I have below.

When things turn cooler you can easily wear a sweater or cardigan instead of the waistcoat. Again use this as a way of adding some colour or a different texture.

Burnt orange cardigan by My own vintage case and vintage bow tie

Wear the jacket over your cardigan or sweater for warmth
And for winter you can go all out and add a hat and scarf. Of course you can wear an overcoat but why cover up that beautiful suit?

Bakerboy hat and fairisle scarf to keep out the chills, both by

Thank you for reading this post, I hope that it has gone some way to help you in your quest to keep that suit from becoming that dull old thing that you throw on every day. Just take a minute to consider how you can make it look different and take a risk. What have you got to lose apart from the label of being 'that guy in that same old suit' 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Autumn Hues

That Dapper Chap shares todays outfit, inspired by the hues of Autumn

While the sun is doing it's best to clutch on to the last days of summer and warming our souls with the memories of suntans and evenings spend sipping chilled wine in the pub garden, Autumn is most definitely here.  This mornings walk to work was enhanced by new colours and a carpet of fallen leaves.

Today's look was not only seasonally inspired but was also built around this stunning new bow tie which was a gift from instagrams @greycardigan: artist, designer and all round good guy. Following an instaswap, which saw me send him a variety of British based products which included Liqurice Allsorts and Union Jack socks, he very kindly sent me a huge parcel of his creations: greetings cards, gift wrap, original framed art and other exciting items which included two bow ties by a little known US company called Simple Hands.

So with tie in hand, I went for a similarly coloured cardigan, plain white shirt and a pair of wool trousers in beige with an orange windowpane check.

I pulled on some orange socks, bracelets and a pair or smart leather shoes and the look was complete.


Brown leather derby shoes: Next
Orange socks: GAP
wool trousers: Topman
White shirt: H&M
Burnt orange cardigan: Next
Bow Tie: Simple Hands
Leather Briefcase: John Rocha
Watch: Vintage gold Longines
Bracelets: hand made


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Moss Bros unveil first new label – Moss London

That Dapper Chap introduces the first new label by one of our favorite menswear brands.

Moss Bros Logo
There is now a Moss Bros store in most towns across the UK and they are a 'go to' brand for a lot of us, not just for wedding hire, which they do very well but also for suits, shirts, ties and other accessories. So, once well established it's time for something new right? Let me introduce you to Moss London.

Founded in London’s Covent Garden in 1851, Moss Bros is the British menswear retailer that continues to evolve, challenge and exceed expectations.  With growth stemming from a younger customer base wanting to dress smarter with a sense of individuality and self-expression, Moss Bros are delighted to unveil the new Moss London brand for AW14.  
A suit from the Moss London range £249


For many of these customers, the purchase of a Moss London suit would be their first foray into dressing formally; with a mix of suiting and smart casual wear, this new collection endeavours to target this group with a versatile fashion forward edit of slim fit styles.

Billy Huxley models a stunning green tartan three piece suit from Moss Bros
The green tartan suit, perfect for the Christmas party season
The principle of Moss London is to take influence from the hub of creativity that is London and translate this sometimes abstract style into a fresh, wearable look perfect for the youthful consumer across the UK and abroad.


The collection was launched in Moss Bros’ flagship store in Regent Street, with a live installation featuring models Michael Morgan and Sonny Henty trying on the best of the first season’s looks – in the store window.

A dapper look with a bow tie paired with this bright blue skinny fit suit
 Moss London Velvet Jacket  Denim Shirt.

Key looks include a slim fit suit with contrasting inset panels of charcoal and graphite grey, a shawl collar suit in navy with leatherette trim and the bottle green tartan dinner suit as above.

Inset panelling is referenced throughout the collection, as seen on the indigo/petrol blue and sky grey/graphite panelled shirts and the black with navy inset reefer jacket.  Texture is an important element of this debut AW14 collection with key pieces including a navy velvet jacket with black paisley print and heavy gauge fabrics deployed across outerwear, waistcoats and accessories.  Plaids are dominant in autumnal shades of rust and burgundy, featuring across both shirting and accessories.

The launch of this new collection is headlined by the well-inked model of the moment Billy Huxley who epitomises the unique and the individual.  Huxley appears in a series of teaser videos for the launch as well as a selection of other brand related initiatives.

Commercial and operations director Jemima Bird said, "The idea around the brand is that London is ubiquitous. You don’t have to be from London to have the spirit of London, it’s about movement, passion and individuality. It doesn’t matter if you’re a tattooist from Liverpool, you can have a ubiquitous spirit.”
"For us, these campaigns are about changing people’s perception about Moss Bros. We are a modern retailer that has a fresh direction you probably wouldn’t have thought of."




Monday, 8 September 2014

Final Floral

With a definite chill descending the second the sun departs for the night it'll only be a few short days before autumn is truly upon us so I wanted to say a fond farewell to the summer with a floral flourish and sport this tie and lapel pin for the last time before they are rightly packed away for spring.

I ended up going for a pink and grey theme and continued this and accented with the socks and pocket square. The shoes are the pair that I was given after a I received a bit of dogy service. I'm pleased to say that it was quickly put right and I have expressed my thanks by blogging about it previously.

The coat is a classic design, simple and elegant and I thought it went well with the skinny dress trousers and the tweed waistcoat. With a few bracelets and a plain black band on my watch I was away!


Leather double monk shoes: Burton Menswear

Pink and purple polka dot socks: Paul Smith

Skinny black trousers: Burton Menswear

Plain white shirt: H&M

Donegal tweed waistcoat: Burton Menswear

Black floral tie: Primark

Flower lapel pin: Bespoke Unit

Epsom Coat: Next

Black leather briefcase: Holiday purchase from Tunisia


Choose Chinos

A rainbow of colours. Image courtesy of

That Dapper Chap Chats about Chinos and takes us through their history and our wearing and buying options.

We all know about chinos right? The easy to wear, cotton trousers that have crept in to every mans wardrobe over the last year or so? We all know that they've quickly become the legwear of choice for the modern man but where did it all start and how should you wear them? Let me take you on a journey.

Casual or dapper chinos are a versatile essential. Photo by

Chinos: The History

With their origins deeply rooted in the military as a lot of menswear is, Chinos were a staple part of the army uniform during the second world war. With the need for a hard wearing item of clothing for the troops a twill cotton fabric was used. The name of this cloth? Well, chino of course.

Originally khaki or sand coloured to offer protection and camouflage while on the front line, chino trousers were manufactured in their thousands. After the war, huge surplus resulted in every father, brother and Son wearing chinos and we haven't looked back since.

During the 1950's America chinos saw a re-emergence with non other than James Dean and Marlon Brando wearing them 
James Dean chilling in chinos

Marlon Brando

Steve McQueen wearing pale chinos

The 1980's saw them come back in a big way with the '80's does 50's' trend that swept the UK but they were a slightly different design, higher waisted, pleated and fuller in the thigh and narrower at the ankle compared to the straight leg design previously seen.

Courtesy of Apple clothing line from the 1980's

80's heartthrob Nick kamen wearing his chinos

Modern Chinos

These days, chinos are everywhere, every store has their own range of colours and while they've generally gone back to the straight leg design, Next have released some 80's inspired pairs which have pleats at the waist and are slightly fuller in the thigh for those that don't like a slim or skinny fit version.
A dapper look by Debenhams: Red Herring jacket £95, chinos £30, 
Jeff banks jumper £35, shirt £30, tie £20

I have a huge range of colours from black through reds and blues to canary yellow. They can be dressed up with a shirt, tie and blazer of just as easily dressed down and worn with a basic T, pumps or boots and a denim jacket. Chinos truly are a mans best friend and a wardrobe must have. 

You can expect to pay between £10 and £100 for your chinos. Primark has a good range for the gent on a budget but I have found the sizes to be amis and the quality not so great but hey, you get what you pay for there. At Next I pay around £25 which is an average price for most high street chains. Of course if you're a designer chap you're going to pay considerable more with Paul Smith offering a range from £135 to over £200 and Ralph lauren now offering three styles in a great variety of colours.
Ralph Lauren embroidered chinos £145

An Autumn look with Chinos by heatons: Gilet 18GBP 22.50Euro, 

Chinos 13GBP 18Euro, Boots 18GBP 22.50Euro, Jumper 18GBP 22.50Euro

Weekend looks. Chinos by Jasper Conran at Debenhams at 46

A smart look with Chinos J By Jasper Conran for Debenhams:
Blazer €159, Chinos €53, Hemd €53, Schuhe €185

How to wear chinos

If you are a daring fellow, go for pink, red or bright yellow, show your personality and go sockless with a pair brown leather brogues and a floral shirt. If you're a more sedate chap navy is always a great option. Again you can wear them with a classic pair of brogues and a less exuberant shirt and a blazer.

Your very own TDC in my brick red chinos from Next, dressed up with blazer and bow tie

Bright chinos at Marks and Spencer

That dapper Chap again wearing a less formal look with navy chinos. Chinos by
At the weekend chinos are still your friend and you should feel free to pull on a sweater and a pair of boots with your chinos for that walk in the park. 
Embracing the military look in my trench coat and army green chinos, both by
The range of chinos available at Next
So however you choose to wear them, shirt and tie to the office or with boots and a wooly hat to the coast for that much needed weekend break, buy a pair that fit well and feel comfortable. Feel free to give them a little turn up and show your coloured socks. Wear a matching or contrasting belt or sew on some buttons so that you can wear those vintage braces, their versatility is endless.